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Top 5 A/B Testing Plugins for WordPress

As WordPress website owner you should know the most popular AB testing plugins for your WordPress websites. Making a simple WordPress website does not take so much time and resources anymore. You can just spend a few bucks on hosting, download free or cheap template, add some content and you’re done.

Nevertheless, usually the result you get won’t be considered a “good” website. You’ll want to add new features and change existing ones. But would you know what to change and how to do it? That’s when A/B testing comes into play.

Is there a sense in having thousands of users if they don’t convert? Not much. That’s why most businesses spend a pretty penny on conversion optimization.

WordPress AB Testing Plugins

According to Optimizely “A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or an app against each other to determine which one performs better. AB testing uses data & statistics to validate new design changes and improve your conversion rates.

Before starting the A/B testing you should decide upon an objective (what is the main goal of your business). Then, choose KPI to evaluate the performance. After that you should decide what elements and variations you want to test.

With today’s A/B testing software almost every element of a website can be tested: Sign-up forms, Call-to-actions, Site search, Images, Navigation, Checkout process, Site colors, Headlines, General copy, Page layout, Prices, etc.

If you already know what and how you want to test, it’s time to pick the right A/B software for your WordPress website.

1) Nelio A/B Testing

Nelio A B Tesing - WordPress AB Testing Plugins
Nelio A B Tesing – WordPress AB Testing Plugins

Price: $29 – $259 per month (on a monthly basis)

Nelio is one of the best A/B plugins available. As it was made specifically for WordPress , it’s fully compatible with it. It doesn’t require additional coding and all data can be accessed through a dashboard.

Nelio offers split Testing and multivariate testing. The list of elements you can test with this plugin is impressive. With its help you can experiment with different types of content, titles, images, menus, landing pages, CSS variations, custom post types, widgets and themes.

This plugin relies on Google Analytics and shows the testing results within WordPress. After the specific test is complete it’s possible to set the winner as a new standard with just one click.

Except A/B testing capabilities, Neilo provides both Heatmap and Clickmap to help you better understand users.

Neilo supports WooCommerce and works with various WordPress plugins (Gravity Forms, Contact form 7, etc) and hosting providers (Siteground, WP Engine, Pagely, Flyweel and more).


2) Marketing Optimizer

Marketing Optimizer - WordPress AB Testing Plugins
Marketing Optimizer – WordPress AB Testing Plugins

Price: Free

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress is a plugin from that includes A/B testing for multiple pages, conversion rate optimization, conversion tracking, fast variation creation, and cache compatibility. With the help of marketing optimizer you can test headlines, site layout, images, button types and styles, forms, call-to-action and more.

For A/B testing Marketing Optimizer uses “Epsilon Greedy” algorithm to rotate variations. Basically, the page with the highest conversion rate receives 90% of traffic, and the rest variations are randomly rotated through the remaining 10%.

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress is compatible with W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, Quick Cache, Gravity Forms and more.

This plugin can be integrated with Marketing Optimizer software. In such a case additional features like auto tracking for all pages and a landing page testing suite will be available. Marketing Optimizer software isn’t cheap and starts from $149/month but it’s “All in one lead Generation Platform” and includes tons of features besides A/B testing.


3) Optimizely

Optimizely - WordPress AB Testing Plugins
Optimizely – WordPress AB Testing Plugins

Price: Custom. Starts from $49 per 1000 monthly unique visitors.Free trial available.

Optimizely plugin lets you configure WordpPress website to use Optimizely resting tools. Obviously, you’ll need an Optimizely account to run tests.

Optimizely offers 30-day free trial. Then you can choose among Standard, Professional and Premium plans. Previously these plans were worth $17, $71 & $359/month accordingly but Optimizely has changed its pricing policy. Now you need to contact sales department as the final price depends on various factors like number of users and features. You can also choose Pay-as-you-go plan which starts from $49 per 1000 monthly unique visitors.

Optimizely is a great testing tool for non tech-savvy users as it offers WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) point-and-click editor. You can try variations without creating a full copy of tested web page.

Optimizely lets you conduct A/B tests, Multivariate Tests, Multi-page (funnel) Tests and Cross-browser Testing.

In general, Optimizely is one of the most functional A/B testing tools you can find on the web.


4) Marketizator

Marketizator - WordPress AB Testing Plugins
Marketizator – WordPress AB Testing Plugins

Price: Free up to 10000 tested views per month.

Marketizator is an All-in-one conversion rate optimization tool which includes A/B testing, Surveys, Personalization and Advanced segmentation.

Marketizator A/B testing features include WYSIWYG Editor, MVT testing, Multiple pages/test, Statistical relevance calculator, Advanced reporting and Custom goals.

To start working with Marketizatoryou need to create account, install WordPress plugin and copy-paste your tracking code into the plugin. Free account lets you test up to 10 000 views. Pricing plans are based on the number of tested views and range from $55/month for 20 000 views to $1 100/month for 1 000 000 tested views.


5) AB Press Optimizer

AB Press Optimizer - WordPress AB Testing Plugins
AB Press Optimizer – WordPress AB Testing Plugins

Price: $49 – $199 per year

AB Press Optimizer is another great A/B testing tool to try. It was developed especially for WordPress and can be easily integrated into you WordPress site. All settings and statistics can be accessed through WordPress dashboard.

With AB Press Optimizer you can run unlimited number of experiments with unlimited variations to test dozens of different versions of your images, buttons, content blocks, forms and headlines.  Additional features include easy to use A/B testing shortcodes, visitor statistics, conversion rate statistics, automated tracking & variation randomization, variation confidence calculations, real time metrics on the status of an experiment, ability to schedule out your experiments and more.

AB Press Optimizer pricing plans differ only by the number of websites you can use: $49 for one website, $99 for three and $199 for unlimited number of websites. Note that you pay for a license so you don’t have to pay on a yearly basis unless you want to receive support and updates.


Author bio: Oleg Yemchuk is the marketing manager at MavenEcommerce sharing office space with Magento business experts and software developers. Oleg is marketing expert by day and geek by night. As a geek culture fan, he spends his free time playing video games and reading comics.

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