Complete Windows 10 How to Guides & Step by Step Articles

It’s a reference post to all Windows 10 tips and tricks articles on Technig website. The Windows 10 sections has many step by step articles for Windows. I’m trying to collect all Windows 10 how to guides into this post and make a complete Windows 10 how to guides reference for Windows 10 users.

It’s not required to explain about Windows 10. If you need to know more about Windows 10 structures and history, follow Windows 10 link on Wikipedia or read Windows 10 Seven Editions for all devices post.

Complete Windows 10 How to Guides

When I’m writing how to articles, I expect to solve someone problems and make the articles as mush as understandable for all users. Even those who are not able to write and know more English language. In these Windows 10 how to guides, I have tried to make all articles clear to understand, easy to read, and also step by step pictorials guides.

Again I’m sure these are not out of mistakes and errors. I ask you to help us make better articles by mention our mistakes and tell your great ideas about our articles through comment section. We welcome you and your comments will appreciates our writers.

Windows 10 Deployemnt

Windows 10 Installation and Deployment

Simply and easy step by step guide to Windows 10 installation and upgrade on a single PC, to advanced Windows 10 deployment on enterprise network. Windows 10 deployment sections are tutored on Windows deployment Servers (WDS) and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

  1. Create a Windows 10 boot-able USB with Diskpart utility: The first tool you need in Windows 10 installation. You learn a simple way to create a boot-able USB drive from any Windows operating systems.
  2. How to Install Windows 10 without Losing Files: This about installing Windows 10 without losing personal files and formatting computer hard disk drives.
  3. Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade from Windows 7 and 8: The simple way to upgrade old Windows to a fresh new Windows 10. You can keep Windows settings and personal files with in-place upgrade.
  4. How to Deploy Windows 10 with WDS: This topic focus on installing Windows deployment Services on Windows Server and prepare WDS server to completely support Windows 10 deployment on the network.
  5. Deploying Windows 10 using MDT with Windows Server 2016: a complete pictorial to deploy Windows 10 using MDT. Mostly important article for IT experts.
  6. Upgrade Windows 10 with MDT: Deploy is don, but how to upgrade network systems to Windows 10? Here you can do to updated Windows 10 with MDT.
  7. How to Install Windows Features Offline Using DISM?: Sometime you don’t have internet and want to install dot net framwork or other Windows features. It will help you to install them offline using Windows Image.
Windows-10-Backup-Solutions-1 Technig

Windows 10 Backup and Restore Solutions

This is the most important part of Windows 10 how to guides. Backup options in Windows 10 has get better from old Windows. Now you can make a backup with File History feature and Windows 7 backup and restore system. These two are Windows builtin backup solutions, but you can use third party applications for backup.

  1. Backup Personal Files in Windows 10 with File History: The file history feature in Windows 10 is a best Windows 10 builtin backup options for users personal files.
  2. How to Fully Backup and Restore Windows 10: Talking about completely backup Windows 10 systems and simply restore them in case of any disaster. It’s not only for Windows 10, you can do it on all Windows operating system, even Windows Servers.
  3. Backup Windows 10 Files on Free 100 GB Cloud Space: You are able to backups all your files to this 100 GB free cloud backup space.
Windows 10 Network and Remote Services

Windows 10 Network and Remote Services Configuration

Networking on Windows 10 and troubleshooting network issues. From the basic network configuring to advanced Windows 10 network troubleshooting. Related to network is Remote Services such as remote desktop, remote assistance and command line remote tools. These Windows 10 how to guides are only focus on Windows 10 networking and remote services.

  1. Configure IP address with command line in Windows 10: It’s a bit expert and need to learn some command line tools for Windows 10 configuration as well.
  2. Enable Telnet on Windows 10: Telnet is not secure remote protocol, but you should know how to enable and disable this command line remote protocol on Windows 10 and Windows Server.
  3. Enable Remote Desktop in Windows 10: Let you know how to enable Remote desktop in Windows 10 and Windows Server.
  4. Configure Remote Assistance in Windows 10: Remote assistance in Windows act as remote connection between network users and help disk person to solve computer problems remotely.
  5. Install and Configure RSAT: It shows you to the installation process and configuration of Remote Server Administration Tools in Windows.
  6. How to Network Ubuntu and Windows 10?: Network two different operating system with each others using this article.
  7. Create Map Network Drive In Windows 10?: Simply create a network map drive to quickly access to shared folders.
  8. Do Networking Common Tasks with Command Line: Do the most common networking tasks with command line. Such as sharing files, changing computer name, set IP address etc…
Windows 10 Hardware and Hard Disk Management

Windows 10 Hardware and Hard Disk Management

Find Windows 10 how to guides about hardware problems and usage. And Hard disk management guides, Storage spaces in Windows 10. All hardware and hard disk related articles.

  1. Manage Hard Disk using Diskpart Utility: Configure hard disk with diskpart command line utility. Create partition, delete partition, extend, shrink, and do more with diskpart.
  2. How to Setup Windows 10 Storage Spaces: Storage space will help you manage hard disks. Creating virtual hard disk, storage pool and deploying drives on Windows 10.
  3. Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk in Windows 10: It will help you to change and convert dynamic disk to basic disk. The dynamic disk will not allow you to install Windows on.
  4. Recover Deleted File in Windows 10: Recover Windows 10 deleted files using free third party software.
Windows 10 Performance and Optimization

Windows 10 Performance and Optimization

These Windows 10 how to guides are shows you the tips and tricks of how to make your Windows 10 better. Or using Windows 10 with better performances, more efficient and effective ways.

  1. How to Delete Windows 10 Cached Update Files: Windows update will firstly download and then attempt to install. After installing updates, the downloaded files will be cached and remains on Windows drive.
  2. Delete System Restore and Shadow Copies: It’s another disk space consuming feature in Windows. Try to delete system restore and shadow copies to free up hard disk space.
  3. How to Clear Temporary Files In Windows 10: To speed up your computer and free hard disk space, try to clear your Windows 10 temporary files.
  4. Configure Windows 10 Indexing Options to Search Files Quickly: Indexing Options in Windows 10 make you able to customize Windows search system to search better and faster.
  5. Stop Windows 10 Background Apps and Services: It will speedup your Windows computer if you disable unwanted running background apps and services.
  6. How to Monitor Windows Reliability and Find Problems?: It tracks all the problems occurred on Windows 10 and display on a clear chart.
Windows 10 Security and Troubleshooting – Technig

Windows 10 Security and Troubleshooting

The articles related to Windows 10 security, updates, and troubleshooting errors and problems. Most useful article that make you educate of securing Windows 10 and using securely at home and work.

  1. Free Antivirus for Windows 10: The list of best free Antivirus for Windows 10. You can use one of these free antivirus or using the builtin Windows 10 antivirus, Windows defender.
  2. How to Fix This Apps has Been Blocked for Your Protection: Simply solve and fix Windows 10 “This Apps has Been Blocked for Your Protection” error.
  3. Create and Reset Windows 10 Password with Reset USB or Disc: Try to create a reset disc or reset USB drive in order to reset the lost password of Windows 10.
  4. How to Reset Forgotten Password of Windows 10: You might forgot password and don’t have created any reset disc to reset your password. It shows you how to reset and bypass the login page of Windows 10.
  5. Configure Windows 10 User Account Control Behavior: The UAC help your prevent potentially harmful programs from making changes to your computer without any warring.
  6. How to Restrict Access to Removable Devices in Windows 10: Protect your computer files from copying files to removable devices transferring files to your system.
  7. Hide Files from Search Result in Windows 10: When someone trying to do search on your system, the search will show everything. You can hide your personal files from being displaying on search result.
  8. How to Use Windows Defender Offline to Remove Root-Kits, Malware: Windows Defender Offline can scan and remove malware, root-kits, advanced spywares and malicious programs from your Windows 10 in offline mode.
  9. How to Troubleshoot Windows 10 Problems: I have completely explain builtin Windows 10 troubleshooting tools in this post. Try to learn one by one and use them for Windows 10 troubleshooting.
  10. Troubleshoot Telnet Errors in Windows operating system: Troubleshooting telnet errors on Windows 10 and other Windows OS. It not especially related to Windows 10 but you can learn to troubleshoot telnet errors.
  11. Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Problems: Did your Windows 10 start menu stuck and not works properly? Try to fix with this method.
  12. Remove User Profile Correctly in Windows 10: This is another article which help you delete Windows profiles correctly in Windows 10 and others.
  13. What Personal Data Microsoft Collect with Windows 10?: It’s all about how to make secure your Windows 10. Changing security setting can protect your personal information.
  14. Enable Syskey To Protect Windows Against Local Password Cracking: To protect your Windows from local password cracking, enable syskey and set a strong password.
  15. Enable BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 10: Bitlocker in Window is the most powerful option for password protecting hard drive and encrypting data.
  16. How to Encrypt Files in Windows 10?: Encrypt your personal files and make not accessible for other users on your computer.
Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Common Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

These are common Windows 10 how to guides and step by step article. You will learn most informative Windows 10 tips and tricks from here. Actually I cant categorized these Windows 10 how to guides, and bring theme here as common Windows 10 tips and tricks.

  1. Create and Manage User Accounts with Command Line: Using command line tool to create, delete, active, disable, set password, add to group and remove an account from a group. It’s fantastic, try to improve your command line skills.
  2. Official Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts: The complete list of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. Using these Windows 10 shortcut keyboards will speedup your work and get you expert.
  3. Create Extreme Hidden Folder in Windows: Lean how to extremely hide a folder in Windows 10 using command line.
  4. Sharing Files Between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10: If you are looking to simply share files between Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10 on network, read this article.
  5. Delete Windows 10 User Account and Profiles Correctly: You can delete user account and profiles using this correct guides. When you delete user account, the profile will be remains on system drive.
  6. Configure Windows 10 Power Options to Save Battery: Power options in Windows 10 mobile devices can be optimized easy to save battery. It’s a good way to optimize system when you need more power and don’t have access to charge your Windows 10 device.
  7. Enable Windows 10 Tablet Mode to Change Your PC to Tablet: The table mode of Windows 10 will let you use your Windows devices in multi mode desktop or table options.
  8. Set Password to Zip Files with Command in all OS: Set password and protect zip files with command line. It’s not only for Windows.
  9. How to Run Android Apps on Windows?: Run and play Android apps and games on Windows 10 using Android emulator software.
  10. How to Add Windows 10 Desktop Icons To Desktop?: Bring Windows 10 common icons to desktop. It’s an old article and now all may knows how to add desktop icons.
  11. How to write Windows 10 Image on DVD?: An easy way to burn or write Windows 10 image on a DVD.
  12. 5 Ways to Change User Account Password in Windows: Many ways to make you able to change user account password.
  13. Windows 10 Free Training Courses For IT Professionals: The collections of  Windows 10 free training courses by Microsoft virtual academy. It’s all about Windows 10 for IT professionals.

If you cant find the exact title from these Windows 10 how to guides, try to press Ctrl+F and type the exact keyword to search and find it.


The first of final word is please suggest us what we should do to make more informative and helpful articles. When I ask you to tell use, it means that we care about your ideas to create better how to articles like this Windows 10 how to guides collections.

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