Encrypt Your Data to Protect from Unauthorized Access

Encrypt your data to protect against unauthorized access in your mobile and computer. Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized user can read it. Simply, encrypting a files means to  translation the files into a secret code in order to protect it from unauthorized access even the data has stolen.

The data, personal files, videos, photos and messages in a computer Laptop or mobile the most important things for a user. But in this article we exactly show you, how encrypt your data in Windows, iOS, and Android to secure your devices a step ahead.

Encrypt Your Data in Windows

In Windows operating system, you can encrypt a file from file properties. Just right click the file and go to properties.

Encrypt Your Data

On the General tab of file properties page, click Advanced and open the advanced attributes page.

Advanced Attributes

Tick the Encrypt contents to secure data box and click OK to apply the changes, click OK on the file properties page also.

Confirm Attribute Changes

To encrypt files with sub-folders and files, select Apply changes to this folder, sub-folders and files then click OK.

When you click OK, the system ask you to backup the encryption key.

Encryption Key

Now, you see the backup balloon of encryption in right side of task-bar. Click on that and back up the keys.

Encrypting File System

Click the Back up now (recommended) and go to certification export wizard page.

Certification Export Wizard

On the Welcome to the Certificate Export Wizard page click Next.

Certification Export File Format

Just leave the default selected option and click Next.

Certification Password

Type a password to keep secure the exported certification and click Next.

EFS Certification Key

Choose a location to save the EFS key in a secure location and click Next.

Completing the Certification Export Wizard

Finally click Finish to complete the task and see the EFS Certification backups.

EFS Recovery Keys


  • Don’t lost the back up keys
  • Don’t share with other users
  • Keep it in a secure place

Here is the result.

EFS Result

That is all about file and folder encryption in Windows operating system. To encrypt entire driver or disk, you can use Bitlocker driver encryption which is a enterprise feature of Windows. See more at Enable BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows To Protect Your Data

If your Windows doesn’t have Bitlocker driver encryption, try to encrypt with third party application like VeraCrypt or TrueCrypt.

The next topic will go to encrypt files in Android devices. If you have any question please comment us.

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