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What is Jailbreak and why do we need to jailbreak iPhone?

iPhone has about 1billion users worldwide and there are million iPhone users who have Jailbreak their iPhones. If you haven’t jailbreak your iPhone or you have no idea what is jailbreak or why we need to Jailbreak iPhone. No worries we can help you getting information that what is jailbreak and why we need to Jailbreak iPhone.

What is Jailbreak?

What is Jailbreak?
What is Jailbreak?

Probably you have seen word Jailbreak or Jailbreaking while surfing the internet. Don’t worry Jailbreak does not mean busting out a person from Jail but what it really means that you can do anything with your iPhone in other words to take complete control of your device.

Jailbreak involves removing restrictions in software from iPhone device. In early days iPhone was more Limited for users than nowadays and “AppStore” was also not available on iOS. Since the day jailbreak appeared it has taken down numerous of devices from phone to game consoles in different names. There is no fixed definition for Jailbreak, that’s why people talk about putting new custom software on mobiles. It’s more like cracking software or rooting an android phone.

Since 2007 then hackers tried a lot to unlock iPhone by jailbreaking it and the Apple company has always updated iOS with successive and exploited the jailbreak and usually, you’ll have to pause automatic iOS updates to apply a jailbreak. Even then Jailbreak has been the favorite for iPhone users. However, if you want to take control on your iPhone and have astonishing customized looks on your device then worth to try it and won’t cost you anything.

Jailbreak iPhone
Jailbreak iPhone

Why do we need to Jailbreak iPhone?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t install third party app on your iPhone or customize your iPhone with different themes, different icons, and different setups? That’s because iPhone wants its users to be limited so that they can run safe and stable apps. Well the good news is you can do all that stuff simply by jailbreaking your iPhone. Jailbreakers always wanted to take some risk and take control over their devices as we all want to do such a thing.

Note: There are many tools or software that can help you Jailbreak your iPhone and there are some verified companies that you can trust., like Redsnow,snOwbreeze, Green Poison, Taig, and Pangu. So try not to get on fake People’s hand and get Hacked, wait until the Jailbreak is officially announced.

Things we can do with Jailbreak iPhone (with Tweaks)


This tweak is one of the best among all tweaks for iPhone and it is a must have a tweak. Activator is simple to use, with activator you can create shortcuts for everything, changing music with volume up & down, double tapping on status bar for lock screen and creating shortcuts for any app you want. So basically it helps you to have easy access to everything you want to do with an app.

iPhone Tweak - Activator
iPhone Tweak – Activator

Eclipse 4

The dark mode was never introduced by iPhone company although it has lots of fan worldwide, with Eclipse 4 you can have dark mode all over your system and even you can toggle it ON-OFF any time you want with Activator. You can also change the color and importantly you can customize the apps you want to have a dark mode or not.

Jailbreak iPhone Tweak-Eclipse4
Jailbreak iPhone Tweak-Eclipse4


With help of iFile, you can have access to all system files of your iPhone device. It is good for deleting the junk or useless files from your iPhone device. You can to many more things with iFile.

iFile - Tweak for Jailbreak iPhone
iFile – Tweak for Jailbreak iPhone


If you ever wanted your home screen to have different animation while scrolling your home screen well Barrel helps you to scroll your home screen with 18 different types of animation. It’s the coolest tweak no wonder why every jailbroken iPhone device has it.

Barrel Tweak for Jailbreak iPhone
Barrel Tweak for Jailbreak iPhone


If you want to show off your friends with cool things you have on your iPhone, having modified icons, settings, a completely new look to you iPhone then you must have cool themes that can make your iPhone more astonishing.

Style-HD Theme for Jailbreak iPhone
Style-HD Theme for Jailbreak iPhone

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