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Create Effective Professional PowerPoint Presentations with SlideModel

In the business arena, whether we like it or not, presenting information to your superiors or your peers is commonplace. These professional PowerPoint presentations may include revenue projections, product launch plans, or marketing strategies and everything in between. But how can you become a PowerPoint pro while managing all of your other work tasks?

Using services like those offered at can help you create concise and engaging PowerPoint content for any business presentation.

Professional PowerPoint Presentations
Professional PowerPoint Presentations

What Can Professional PowerPoint Templates Do For You?

SlideModel is a marketplace filled with fully editable and customizable templates created by expert designers that can help you be more proficient in the workplace. By taking out the work of designing and programming your own slides, SlideModel allows you to focus on what matters to your business: effectively presenting information to your professional audience.

If you’re still considering using stock slides in your next meeting, let me explain a little more about all the benefits of SlideModel

How Can You Use SlideModel to Meet and Exceed Your Audience’s Expectations?

To further illustrate the benefits of using professional slide templates for your next presentation, let’s take a look at some hypothetical situations that we’ve all faced at our jobs or even in running our own companies:

  • Situation: Your company is launching a new product and your boss wants you to design an actionable launch plan. It needs to contain all marketing and content strategies as well as a breakdown of all customer demographics.
  • Solution: Ordinarily you may select a stock slide, slap a heading on it, and type out your plan. While this slide may contain all the necessary information, it in no way engages the audience or helps them visualize the strategy that you worked so hard to create.
Bowman Strategy Clock, Professional PowerPoint Presentations
bowman-strategy-clock, Professional PowerPoint Presentations

Using a SlideModel design like their Bowman Strategy Clock can help illustrate a multi-pronged launch plan.

Not only can you edit this template, but it comes programmed for interaction. In this case, that means that clicking on any section of the clock diagram brings up a more detailed overview of the side. Now you can illustrate your strategy with a simple diagram and still dissect each idea in detail all on the same slide.

  • Situation: Your boss emailed you this morning and would like you to present revenue projections for the next six months. Your presentation must include projections and actual revenue from the previous six months, the projections she requested, as well as the benchmarks of focus as they pertain to your data.
  • Solution: This is your time to shine! You have all the data because your spreadsheet skills are on point, but what about presenting that data in a way that makes a good impression on your boss?
    SlideModel offers many solutions to this very problem, but my favorite is the Financial Projections & Key Metrics template. I like this template because it allows a simple and straightforward look at your data (in this case revenue projections). Your boss doesn’t need to know how you got the answers, she just needs to see the results.
    Simply input your findings in the predetermined fields, customize the look of your presentation, and you can be ready to go. This template also includes a field for notes (i.e. “Key Metrics) so you can dive a little deeper into your findings.
  • Situation: You’re the boss of your own service-based web design company. You build websites for local businesses and help them generate web traffic. You’re meeting with a client tomorrow to pitch your services. They want to see a detailed outline of your design process as well as your plan for generating web traffic.
  • Solution: This time you can’t just show off your previous web designs to win over your prospective client. SlideModel’s Business Strategy Templates can aid you in presenting your services to new customers.
    With these templates, you can outline website structure, explain your marketing strategy, and display other value propositions that can help win you new business.   
Slidemodel Revenue Model, Professional PowerPoint Presentations
Slidemodel Revenue Model, Professional PowerPoint Presentations

I’ve done my best to examine how you can use SlideModel in some of the most common situations that many of us face in the office or in running our own businesses, but I’m sure by now you’ve already imagined a hundred other hypotheticals that require professional-grade presentations.

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Using SlideModel can definitely help put a little life into your next presentation, but what about the cost?

SlideModel Pricing

SlideModel has a subscription plan for everyone, from 1-day limited access to yearly unlimited downloads. You can check out their plans here. I personally believe that the pricing (even the one-day access) is worth every penny for the design and customer support that SlideModel offers. Not only that but the Annual Unlimited subscription, for those of you who use slide presentations frequently, is very reasonably priced and can be licensed out to up to 10 employees!

Is SlideModel For You?

If you’re still reading this then I can assume that, yes, you could, in fact, benefit from a PowerPoint template service. I would recommend SlideModel for any business professional who lacks design/coding skills or simply doesn’t have the time to create engaging interactive PowerPoint presentations.

Before you head to your next big meeting, consider checking out all the template designs SlideModel has to offer.

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