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FGST: Enhance Your Presentations with Powerful Visuals and Pre-Designed Google Slide Themes

Presentations are one of the preferred ways to communicate a message to an audience, launch a new product to the market or prepare a lesson for the college and University. The effort required to design and prepare a presentation is not trivial. While PowerPoint is one of the most popular tools to make presentations, other tools have emerged during the last decade. Google Slides is one of these tools that have been having an impressive growth.

Example of agenda slide for Google Slides. Source FGST
An example of agenda slide for Google Slides. Source: FGST

Presenting is a practice that we can found in any daily business routine, and here the presentation tool can have a very important role, especially considering the productivity side of this activity.

Business people want to be more productive at work, and with the help of the right set of tools for presentations, someone can boost the productivity while at the same time produce a visually appealing presentation that engages the audience.

Here is where pre-designed presentation themes for Google Slides can have a huge impact. Presenters can now finish their presentations in less time. The free Google Slides themes catalog provided by (a.k.a. FGST) contains hundreds of free presentation templates ready for Google Slides & PowerPoint. It is an essential companion for presentation designers.

Instead of downloading a Google Slides presentation from FGST, the designer can make his own copied into Google Drive. However, it is possible to download a .pptx version of the template that is ready for Microsoft PowerPoint.

Slide Design for Cloud Computing Presentation

Example of slide design for a cloud computing presentation. Source FGST
An example of slide design for a cloud computing presentations. Source: FGST

Once the copy is made, the presentation can be customized for any presentation need. For instance, if you are preparing a presentation for a business plan, it can be customized to use your corporate visual identity, the colors or organize and re-order the slides accordingly.

The presentation templates are 100% editable. Given said that, once you have your own copy you can edit the text placeholders and replace any image or logo. Also, most of them come with useful icons that are created with shapes or SVG images. This way, the user can customize the shapes and icons or use them in relevant positions of the slide.

The collection of templates is immense and a presenter can reuse as many slides he needs to finish his presentation.  The templates are created with editability in mind and provide a high-level of flexibility. Ultimately, the site has been created to provide a catalog of presentation designs that can be useful for any presenter. Definitely, this helps toward making winning presentations without a hassle and in record time.

Example of timeline slide. Source FGST
An example of timeline slide. Source: FGST

One of the main benefits of using Google Slides vs. PowerPoint is that the presenter and designers can collaborate online while preparing the slide deck. The entire team can save many hours of design work and streamline the design process. People can work concurrently and this has a positive effect on the productivity and time spent to finish the overall presentation. No more pen drives nor attachments sent in any email where it is difficult to keep track of the latest version. With the Google Slides revisions, it is very easy to revert any change back or see what others are doing.

Also, the list of fonts available in Google Slides is immense and this is a great advantage vs Microsoft PowerPoint.  Choosing from a variety of font families available help presenters to create presentations with modern typography.

While it is true that Microsoft Office has an Android version, Google Slides is built to run anywhere and anytime, from mobile devices to desktop computers or notebooks.

The final presentation can be exported to different formats. Google Slides can be exported to popular presentation tools like PowerPoint, OpenOffice or even as a PDF.

Be it a timeline, an agenda slide or an org chart, the templates available in FGST can be used in your personal or commercial presentations to captivate your audience.

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