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How to Overcome Chatting Addiction and Escaping the Alternate Reality

 Online Stranger Chat Platform – Gateway to Virtual Reality And Addiction

Internet could sometimes give you a false fixation of your prolonged urge for human interaction. Thanks to Facebook and its ilk that made the world a smaller place and now people could interact with any person even if they’re miles apart, in real-time. The fascinating idea of human interaction within the touch of the keys kindled the idea of the online chatting platforms. A brilliant concept that runs on the idea of escapism and gives people the freedom to interact with any stranger online. Plenty of studies reveal that these platforms are a vicious trap and once someone enters it, leaving it becomes strenuous.

 Online Stranger Chat Platform – Gateway to Virtual Reality And Addiction

Overcome Chatting Addiction - Technig
Overcome Chatting Addiction – Technig

 These addictions come in diverse forms — some people get hooked onto Facebook or WhatsApp, some like interacting with absolute strangers via a video chat or in the textual form.

Omegle is one of the most popular stranger chat platforms where thousands of people are online every minute who loves to explore people and personalities who share similar interests. Due to its popularity and reach, Omegle tries to maintain their quality service and ban suspicious account based on the report, spam or regular drop. They also have banned countries like UAE, Qatar, Pakistan due to their individual censorship. The users always wonder how long do Omegle bans last and how they can access the platform because it’s a platform where chances of meeting people from different parts of the world, of different races, age groups and genders are very high.

While the chit-chat with the known people is something often regarded as less toxic and addictive, the dynamics of the chatting addiction that comes from the online chatrooms could be really troublesome for people.  The chatrooms work like a virtual alternate reality where people they can exist as their absolute true-or even false-self. They(the chatrooms) come with endless possibilities. Although it works like a moreish fixation to people, its consequences suggest that one shouldn’t cling onto it for a long period of time — here’s a story of a woman who became addicted to internet chatrooms.

But we’re going to smash your worries into smithereens and help you gain freedom from this addiction — in case you’re addicted. Let’s have a look at a few things that could be done to fix this.

How to overcome chatting addiction?

 Self-analysis: So, first thing first, you need to identify is your trigger. The addiction generally stems from the underlying emotional issues. So, you need to ask yourself what exactly makes you want to go a chatroom? Is it the feeling of loneliness or boredom? Are you stressed out about something or there are some emotional issues that get into your head and the chatroom seems like the only anchor? If you’ve identified the trigger, you’ve already taken a step ahead.

Getting off the cyber world: Well, you can’t go all cold turkey over your chatting addiction and expect it to come to an end in a jiffy. The addiction gets away gradually; so, the first thing that you need to do is to be patient with it. You can track your progress by keeping the record of the amount of time you’re spending on the chatroom(s).

Sharing the problem with someone suffering from the same issues could also be helpful in this case. You and the other person can help each other out by setting some rules and following them. For example, you could set a weekly goal for one another and see how well you work on it.

Apart from every way suggested, the best way would still be to engage yourself in a physical activity. As these addictions generally are stimulated by anxieties or mental illnesses, physical activities have a big influence on depression and mental health. Not to mention, this would make the person physically healthier and as they say, A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

If physical activities aren’t your thing, find another activity or a habit that could help you spend more time away from the internet. Perhaps, you could try gardening, craft or reading. You can join a community of people of similar interest. You can also try to learn new things – like learning a new language or improving your English skills,  a development course or even start a blog to share your story to people.

Imparting some discipline in the lifestyle could also prove handy. You can try limiting your access to the internet by turning off your laptop at a fixed time or keeping your cell phone beyond your reach.

Although the aforementioned practices would be good enough to pull you out of the addiction, if your withdrawal seems too difficult to be handled, it is suggested to consult a therapist. They are specialists and have been the go-to treatment for people suffering from mental illnesses or addictions, for ages.

Online addictions could have a more significant impact on your life than you can think of. The temporary fixation of a false dimension could deeply impact your real-life connections and could make you question about what your real identity is — the person you are on the chatroom or the person you are in the real? We hope the latter would be a no-brainer pick for you.

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