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YouTube Hotkeys for Windows and Mac

YouTube has become one of the worlds most papular social media that nowadays almost everybody, which has access to the internet, use this video platform. according to the recent research, almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day.  but some of them don’t know about the youtube hotkeys. So as speed and performance is the key. knowing these youtube hotkeys can help you to increase speed up your performance while browsing on the internet.

1. YouTube Hotkeys: Seconds Wise Rewind

  • Ctrl + I ⇒ Skip 10 seconds forward
  • Ctrl+J ⇒ Go 10 seconds back
  • Left Arrow ⇒ go back 5 seconds
  • right Arrow Go forward 5 seconds

2. Youtube Hotkeys: Percentagewise Rewind

Use these Number for Skipping youtube video duration by percentage:

  • 0 or Home ⇒  go to the beginning of the video
  • 1 ⇒ Skip Forward 10% of the video duration
  • 2 ⇒ Skip Forward 20% of the video duration
  • 3 ⇒ Skip Forward 30% of the video duration
  • 4 ⇒ Skip Forward 40% of the video duration
  • 5 ⇒ Skip Forward 50% of the video duration
  • 6 ⇒ Skip Forward 60% of the video duration
  • 7 ⇒ Skip Forward 70% of the video duration
  • 8 ⇒ Skip Forward 80% of the video duration
  • 9 ⇒ Skip Forward 90% of the video duration
  • End  Skip to The end of the video

3. Youtube Hotkeys: Playlist Navigation.

  • N ⇒ or (shift+N) next video in the playlist
  • P or (Shift+p) ⇒  previous video in the playlist

4. Youtube Hotkeys: Volume

  • Up Arrow Key  increase the sound volume level by 5%
  • Down arrow ⇒ Key increase the sound volume level by 5%
  • M ⇒ mute

5. PlayBack Hotkeys

  • Space or K ⇒  play/pause the video
  • > key ⇒  increase speed of the clip
  • < key ⇒  decrease speed of the clip
  • C ⇒ captions on/off if video supports captions
  • O  ⇒ Text capacity level
  • F ⇒  go fullscreen.
  • W  window opacity levels

6. 360 Degree or Spherical Videos

When viewing spherical videos Use this keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse.

  • W ⇒ pan up
  • A  ⇒ pan left
  • S ⇒ pan down
  • D ⇒ pain right
  • ⇒ zoom in
  • ⇒ zoom out

7. More Hotkeys

  • /  ⇒   Set focus on  search bar
  • Esc  ⇒  leave search bar
  • ?  ⇒   Hotkeys help


These are all the YouTube hotkeys that can help you use youtube faster and more effectively. So Hope you enjoy using these hotkeys and it helps you to perform better in youtube. Read Also  Windows 10 Shortcuts Complete List

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