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Content Delivery Network Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever thought that why some websites are loading very fast ( less than a second)? Or why some websites never go down while some of them go down sometime?. To find, the answer to these questions lets have a look at What is Content Delivery Network (CDN).

This article covers the following content delivery network titles:

  • What is Content Delivery network?
  • How content Delivery Network Works.
  • Why use content delivery network.

What is Content Delivery Network?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed alternative network of web servers which the purpose is to download resources(Static data), providing fast content delivery, high availability of content and preventing from DDoS attacks.

How Content Delivery Network Works?

CDNs are to Minimize the Distance between the visitors and your website’s server, the CDN Stores Cached version of your content in multiple geographical locations (PoP, A.K.A).
Each point of presence ( PoP ) Contains a number of caching servers responsible for content delivery to visitors.

Content Delivery Network Works - Technig
Content Delivery Network Works – Technig

In fact, Content Delivery Network Provider puts your content in many of its PoP. Each pop coverage a specific geographical area. for example when someone wants to visit your US-hosted website from Australia, its done through a local Aus PoP. which causes faster loading, then loading from the main server.

Why use Content Delivery Network?

Using  CDNs have many benefits to use, here are a few of them.

  • Pre-Cached Files
  • Distributed Data Center
  • Lower Network Load
  • Increased Reliability
  • Data Analytics
  • Cost savings
  • Built-in Version Control

Enable Global Reach

Daily the use of the internet is increasing, and more people are getting online over the globe, this has made an opportunity for the businesses to reach their clients and costumers globally. but there would be a problem with reaching them over the globe without CDNs, that can be like latency and reliability which causes the business to lose their customers. Fortunately, the CDNs has solved these problems and with CDNs, the business can reach to their clients over the globe in less than a second without latency.

Less Latency

As mentioned above CDNs have servers on popular locations over the globe. and these distributed servers store static data of your site so that when somebody loads your site, it just load your content from the nearest server.

Protect against DDoS Attacks

CDNs will take on the traffic and keep your website up and be running. CDNs are one of the options when it comes to choosing a DDoS mitigation solution. In order to protect your business, you need a mitigation protection, to keep your brand and IT infrastructure out of the harm’s way. nowadays its kind of business requirements for any web solution. Defending against DDoS attacks occurring at the network layer requires a network architecture that can absorb large bursts of traffic and that filters all traffic so that only web traffic is permitted onto the network. Every business is different and requires a different approach.

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CDNs are one of the best ways to make your website to be available all over the globe without latency or losing your website performance.  If you are owning a website with high traffic or streaming service using CDN services will help you to reach more traffic and it will keep your audience happy.

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