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Top 10 Open Source Classroom Management Software

Open Source Classroom Management Software programs are designed to help teach and learn in an interactive style. These platforms let instructors effectively manage and control the class, monitor the activities of students and maintain a proper decorum or order in the classroom. It also helps students learn, collaborate and communicate between groups and each other. At one time, teaching and learning were untouched by cutting-edge technology. With the evolution of technology, management of lessons and studies from home has become easier. Top digital open source classroom management software and tools have made it easier to conduct digital lessons and manage the classroom environment.

Open Source Classroom Management Software

10 Open Source Classroom Management Software - Technig
10 Open Source Classroom Management Software – Technig
  1. iTALC

A digital open-source classroom management program, it can provide teachers with full control of the computers of students, block out specific users, see the progress of workstation, help in making corrections and allow the display of lessons. It comes with a clean interface and looks visually aesthetic. The 3D icons are straightforward in design, and there are convenient navigation and basic prompts. The software can easily be set up and it can be operated in OSX, Linux, Windows and any other big operating system. The application can be used for Homeschool and Demo Broadcasting, and for powering on or shutting down workstations or sending a text to the same.

  1. LanSchool Lite

This digital classroom management software has only a few features and has a clean user interface that can monitor as many as 3,000 screens. It allows real-time viewing of screens, last visited the site and active applications. You can get the chance to arrange all the screens in a desirable order. The full version of the software comes with many interactive features.

  1. Bubbl

A mind-mapping, collaborative tool, it can generate new concepts and ideas in the classroom. It has a free version that can allow as many as three mind maps at one time, and all of these can be shared and saved. The tool is entirely online in operations, and no setup is needed.

  1. Wiggio

The workshop tool is collaborative and can allow virtual meetings, file sharing, group polls, calendars and group messaging. It is ideal for those prefer LanSchool Lite in order to compensate the absence of collaborative and interactive features. It can let you monitor students and stay in touch with them even when they are remotely working.

  1. Cacoo

This flowchart and diagram creator has especially been made for real-time collaboration. It comes entirely free of cost. This is a perfect app for visual learning purposes off-site and in the classroom, as long as students and teachers have an internet connection. You can also integrate the software with Google Apps for Education and various other free academic programs, which allows easier access to and sharing of information.

  1. Edmodo

It can serve as a social media for parents, students, and teachers. You can assign work to students for completion, and all parties can avail lesson plans and performance assessments. With the aid of this collaborative platform, parents can be aware at all times about how their kids are faring and whether their performance is good enough. You can also integrate the application with Google Apps for Education, which can make it easier for you to view and submit assignments. With more than 48 million users across the globe, the software is enjoying increasing growth in popularity

  1. ThinkBinder

This collective study tool and whiteboard lets you share ideas and files with students, and create projects together. You can separate groups with individual codes. The app lets you set up codes for the whole classroom and group projects, which can easily be accessed by teachers. This wonderful software can be used for tracking group or classroom progress with regard to assignments.

  1. OpenEduCat

It is a wonderful specimen of an open source administrative solution designed for use in schools. This is a fully functional solution that concentrates on usability. This is a fully open source application and comes with no restrictions. The application core can support all aspects of schools, such as finance, exam, course, enrolment, students or faculty. You can expect all the functionality and features supported by Odoo. The program has been made with the help of Odoo, the best open source solution for businesses. The complexity in implementation is the sole limitation of the use of this program. If the application has to be properly implemented, the IT team needs to have a lot of skills. The school implementing this package needs an efficient team for the system’s implementation.

  1. OpenSis Community

This is a popular open source solution designed for use in schools. It has been designed basically to work at the level of K-12. This is a well-made software and can satisfy the needs of medium scale as well as small scale schools. You will only need a team with proper training to implement this application. It is sensible to try out the free version if you have just started out. In case you are interested, you can also try the paid version. You can use the free version for maintaining custom reports, scheduling, transcripts and attendance. However, the application depends heavily on PostgreSQL. This will undoubtedly need you to use the services of a good team. The OpenSis free version does not come with support for billing, state reporting etc.

  1. Fedena

Fedena, similar to OpenEduCat, happens to be an administrative open-source software package. The software can be a perfect solution for students as well as an administrator. It has been created with the help of the Ruby on Rails framework, which is very famous. The application can be used in schools for the easy management of calendar, exams, finance and various other vital aspects. However, its free version comes with some limitations. Comparison of the paid and the free versions show that the free version consists of registration inventory, custom report, and only a few other limited features.

Nonetheless, these open source classroom management software can be wonderful administrative solutions for your school.

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