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How to make iPhone Ringtone from MP3 and Transfer without Losing Data?

Android users can make any mp3 song as their ringtone while iPhone users can’t directly make any mp3 song as their ringtone. Although you can buy ringtones from iTunes store but what if somebody wants to make a ringtone of his/her own. For iPhone users, losing data has been always a big issue, if you have changed your computer and you don’t have the backup. You can make iPhone ringtone of your own and even without losing data simply by following our guide that we are going to show you step-by-step.

Things you need to have:

  • An iPhone device
  • An iPhone charging cable
  • iTunes installed on your Computer
  • AnyTrans installed on your Computer

How to make iPhone Ringtone and Transfer

Step 1: First of all you need to Download AnyTrans.

Step 2: Install AnyTrans to your Computer. After installing don’t run the Software.

Step 3: Open iTunes.

Step 4: Now Connect your iPhone and wait till your device is recognized.


Step 5: Select the Music from the upper left corner.

iTunes - Select Music
iTunes – Select Music

Step 6: Select any Music you like to have as your iPhone ringtone. And click on the three dots.

iTunes - Select the Dots
iTunes – Select the Dots

Step 7:  Now you need to click on “Get info”.

iTunes - Select Get info.png
iTunes – Select Get info.png

Step 8: After that click on “Options”.

iTunes - Select Option
iTunes – Select Option

Step 9: Select the starting point of your track and also the ending point that you want as your iPhone ringtone (make sure you don’t select more than 25 sec) and after that click “OK” button.

iTunes - Select the track limit
iTunes – Select the track limit

Step 10: After that select the “File” and then select “Convert” and select ” Creat AAC Version”.

iTunes - Select Create AAC
iTunes – Select Create AAC

Step 11: After its done, if you notice now you have two music tracks one with full length and the other that you have selected which is, in fact, your ringtone. Now drag your ringtone to the Desktop.

iPhone Ringtone
iPhone Ringtone
iTunes- ringtone on Desktop
iTunes- ringtone on Desktop

Step 12: Now you need to change your ringtone extension from m4a to m4r.

iPhone Ringtone
iPhone Ringtone

Step 13: Now Go to iTunes and select Tones. If you can’t see Tones select “Edit Menu” and then click on Tones to add.

iTunes - Select Tones
iTunes – Select Tones

Step 14:  Now you can drag your iPhone ringtone into iTunes or you can open the file by pressing ctrl + O.

iTunes - Drag or Open Ringtone
iTunes – Drag or Open Ringtone

Step 15: After that now you can open AnyTrans and you can see your device is already recognized.

AnyTrans - Desktop
AnyTrans – Desktop

Step 16:  Select Music icon and then select Tones.

AnyTrans - Tones Selection
AnyTrans – Tones Selection

Step 17: You can see your iPhone ringtone here and select your ringtone.

AnyTrans - Ringtone Transfer
AnyTrans – Ringtone Transfer

Step 18: Now click on Send to device.

AnyTrans - Click on Send to Device
AnyTrans – Click on Send to Device

After completing all the step by step procedure now you have a ringtone of your own. Now you don’t need to use those boring ringtones anymore.

iPhone Ringtone
iPhone Ringtone

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