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How to Add Manager to YouTube Channel?

If you have a YouTube channel and want to add manager to YouTube channel or assign permission for someone to upload videos and publish it on your channel, read this article. The Youtube is a Google products and the second largest search engine. The current YouTube users are 1 billion. If YouTube was a country, it would be the 3rd most populated country behind China, India and ahead of the USA…

Because a channel is linked to a Google+ page, then multiple users can manage the channel without sharing passwords. For someone to manage the YouTube channel, they must be listed as a manager of the linked page.

How to Add Manager to YouTube Channel?

You must know the rules of accessing permission to someone to help you manager your channel on YouTube. Be careful do not add non-trusted person as manager of your channel. So in order to add manager to YouTube channel, you should add the person the Google+ page. If the person have access to Google+ page, he will be able to manage your YouTube channel as well.

1. Only the owner of the Google+ page can add or remove managers. Sign into the page owner Google Account.

2. On YouTube, make sure you pick the right channel. Then go to the channel’s account settings and click Add or remove managers.

Add Manager to YouTube Channel
Add Manager to YouTube Channel

3. To add a manager, enter the email address of whoever you want to be a manager. Click Invite. Once they accept the invitation, they’ll then be able to access that channel from their own Google Account.

Invite New Manager for YouTube Channel
Invite New Manager for YouTube Channel

Yes, you have successfully invited and added managers for your YouTube channel. You can add more managers and can remove them also.

How to Remove YouTube Channel Manager? 

To remove a manager, find the manager you want to remove, and click the X by their name. They will no longer be able to access the channel from their Google Account.

Note: Communications managers have limited access to YouTube and can’t upload YouTube videos. Learn more about roles on. See the capabilities of YouTube channel Owner, Manager, and Communications Manger on below screen.

YouTube Channel Managers Capabilities
YouTube Channel Managers Capabilities

Security Note: Never add another Owner for your own YouTube channels and Google+ pages. Always add managers or Communications Manager. Do changes and other important task with our owner account. 

Keep your social media accounts secure with most up-to-date security tips and technologies. Verify your accounts with your own mobile number.

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