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Setup Local Web Server on Windows 10 & MacOS with MAMP

For the web server, a localhost is a standard hostname which is provided to the address of your local computer, it means your computer is your web server. Setting a local web server allows you to do your experiments without harming anyone’s hope. There are many Platforms by which you can setup local web server on windows 10. The best of them is WAMP because that is free. But unfortunately, WAMP is only available for Windows. But Mamp is available for both Windows and Mac. Wamp and MAMP in a local computer work perfectly, but their setting is little different from each other. That’s why today, I will show you How to setup localhost on Windows using MAMP. Not only that, at the end, I have also introduced, How to setup localhost on MacOS High Sierra using MAMP. I hope You will enjoy it.

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Setup Localhost on Windows 10

Step 1. To setup localhost first, download Mamp from its site. It is free but if want the complete features, you have to buy the pro version.

Step 2. Double click on the setup and start the installation process. The installation process is so easy, all you need is to select your language and click next, next up to the last window.

After installing MAMP, it depends on you, which platform you need to work on, but I’m setting up WordPress. Download WordPress from and follow the procedures.

Step 3. Extract WordPress htdocs inside the MAMP folder where you have installed. In this case, I have installed MAMP in Drive C:\mamp\htdocs

Setup Localhost on Windows 10 & MacOS High Sierra
Paste the Application

Step 4. Now run the MAMP application which you have installed.

Note: If you manually want to set up the preferences, select preferences and create your custom settings. But, I’m not interested in, I will go to the Default settings.

Step 5. Now select start the servers.

Mamp Manager - Setup Local Web Server
MAMP Manager – Setup Local Web Server

Step 6. When the server started select open start page or you can search for it manually localhost/mamp on the browser.

Create Database for Installing WordPress

Many users are having trouble with installing WordPress. The only reason is the database, which manually must be created inside the server. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use the local web server services. So, to install the WordPress, there are two ways which can perform to created data in order to install WordPress.

  1. Just create a simple database on the server.
  2. Create a new user, which will its own database.

Step 1. When you open the localhost/mamp, select Tools> PHPMyAdmin.

Setup Localhost on Windows 10 & MacOS High Sierra
Visiting the PHPMyAdmin

Step 2. Click on the database and create a new database. Name it whatever you want, I will name it WordPress.

Note: If you want to create a new user, head over to users and create a new user with the custom name and password. I suggest you create a new user because the basic method name and password is root which everyone knows. If you create a custom user, no one knows what your password is.

Setup Localhost on Windows 10 & MacOS High Sierra
Create a new Database

Install WordPress on Windows 10 Using MAMP

Step 1. Open a new tab and search there for localhost.

Step 2. Under the index selected, WordPress and the process of installing WordPress starts.

Setup Localhost on Windows 10 & MacOS High Sierra
localhost index page

Step 3. Now you have to type the name of the database and the password. If you have just created a database username and password is root, just type the database name and submit.

Setup Localhost on Windows 10 & MacOS High Sierra
Database Information

Step 4. Select run the installation.

Step 5. Now fill out the information for your local site. When you are done click install WordPress.

Setup Localhost on Windows 10 & MacOS High Sierra
Information needed for WordPress

Step 6. Once the installation goes successfully, login and enjoy the localhost.

Setup Local Web Server on Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra
Setup Local Web Server on Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra

Setup Local Web Server with MAMP

If you are using Apple OS, Again MAMP can do the job. Download the MAMP package and start installation. Installing MAMP on is also so easy. Believe you will do it perfectly. After installing open MAMP by visiting the applications or open it from Launchpad.

Download WordPress and paste that into the htdocts folder located in MAMP folder. If you are struggling to find it, just search in the spotlight for htdocs. When it appears, extract the WordPress in it.

Other steps are the same as I explained. Just visit the MAMP application and select open the web or search in safari localhost/mamp. Then select tools and create a new database or create a new user. After that search for localhost/WordPress and install WordPress.

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This was all about How to Setup Local web server on Windows 10 and MacOS High Sierra Using Mamp. I hope this Article was helpful to You. If you have any idea or suggestion Please comment on the article or visit the Forum.

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