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Reset Windows 10/8/7 Password Fast and Easily – Tunesbro WinGeeker Review

Have you ever been in a situation when you wanted to do some task done urgently on your personal computer or laptop, and suddenly your password started showing incorrect? Well, then don’t be embarrassed because thousands of people forget their password on a daily basis but the most stupid thing a person can do in these situations is to format their computer and re-install Windows OS all over again. This can surely reset Windows 10 8 7 password from your computer, but you will have to realize that it does more damage than benefits.

Believe it or not, formatting your PC will remove everything from your pc or laptop and will make your system empty. Even the software, pictures, documents and all critical data will be gone just like that.

So, to prevent you from erasing everything from your PC, we have come up with a solution that can reset the password of your computer without losing any data. That’s correct, TunesBro WinGeeker is a life-saving Windows Password Recovery program that can not only reset the password from your PC, but it completely removes it from your system so that you can log into your PC again without using any password at all.

Reset Windows 10 8 7 Password

Most Windows Recovery Tool available online can reset the password of your PC but in most time they end up deleting the important data from your PC, or they cannot crack passwords less than eight characters. With TunesBro WinGeeker, you can bypass any length of passwords, it doesn’t matter if it is eight characters or 80 characters, this password reset tool can completely bypass the password on Windows 10/7/8, and it is guaranteed that no other data in your PC will be damaged.

Main advantages of using TunesBro WinGeeker

  • Bypass or remove or reset any Windows computer login password including Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 98, Windows 7/8/10 and all other older Windows versions.
  • Works with all kind of account types including root, administrator, Microsoft accounts and even domain accounts.
  • Make a password reset disk in 2 ways with USB key and DVD.
  • No data loss will occur in your PC.
  • Switch Administrator accounts to standard accounts.
  • Analyze all accounts linked to your PC.
  • Remove password from your PC without having any computer or technical skills at all.
  • Supported brands and models – HP, Dell, Acer, Sony, Samsung, Lenovo and over 5000+ brands.
  • Free after sale support.

Pricing and Compatibility

Like we already mentioned, this password reset tool is compatible with every Windows OS version, and you can create the password reset disk from any borrowed Windows computer.

The software is free to try and can show all the accounts on your computer with the trial version but to unlock your PC; you will have to register the software by paying a onetime fee. Although, the price of the software is cheaper than any other tool available online it is quite understandable that no one can put a price on the data locked in your PC. So, it’s worth every penny you invest.

How to Use TunesBro WinGeeker to unlock Windows computer?

TunesBro WinGeeker is a self-explanatory program, but for your convenience, we will write down the guide on how to use this program to unlock your PC.


  1. A borrowed computer from your friends or families.
  2. A blank CD/DVD or an empty USB flash drive.
  3. TunesBro WinGeeker program


Step 1. Download the recent version of TunesBro WinGeeker on the borrowed computer and install it by finishing the setup wizard. Launch the tool and insert a USB stick or CD/DVD to the borrowed PC.

Step 2. From the home screen of the software, choose your device name from the drop-down button and hit the “Burn USB” option. Alternatively, if you are using a CD/DVD then repeat the same procedure and click on “Burn CD/DVD” button.


Reset Windows 10 8 7 Password Fast and Easily
Reset Windows 10 8 7 Password Fast and Easily


Step 3. Wait until you see a pop-up message that says “Burning Successfully!” indicating the bootable password reset disk is done.

Windows Password Recovery Pro - Reset Windows 10 8 7 Password - Technig
Windows Password Recovery Pro – Reset Windows 10 8 7 Password – Technig

Step 4. Time to unlock your computer now! Insert the bootable disk on your locked PC and wait for WinGeeker to load on the display monitor. If your PC doesn’t boot from the USB stick automatically then go to BIOS settings and change the Boot priority so that the computer can boot from the USB stick.

Step 5. Once the program is loaded, you only need to select the Windows OS version and the username that you want to unlock from the provided options. Finally, hit the “Reset Password” button to unlock your PC and restart it.

Recover Windows 10 Password - Technig
Recover Windows 10 Password – Technig

Voila! Your computer is now turned on without any password at all.

This is how easy to use TunesBro WinGeeker to unlock your Windows 10  computer. It takes three simple steps to remove the password from your PC. But remember, after you unlock your PC, go to control panel and set up a new password again to prevent any unauthorized access. But this time, write down the password on a piece of paper or text file but even if you forget the password in the future, then you can unlock it again with TunesBro WinGeeker.

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