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  1. friend says

    Sysmd.cpl is wrong!
    it should be Sysdm.cpl

    1. Shais says

      Thanks, the article updated.

  2. anon says

    Work in new windows 10 version

  3. bingo bongo says

    Works still on Enterprise 1709

  4. Nameless says

    Running Windows 10 Pro Workstation 1803 I can confirm it works. Remove the account through “User Accounts” first this removes the account from the Windows machine. Then use this guide as it removes the User folder located under “C:\Users” which can’t normally be deleted otherwise.

  5. Varina says

    Hi. What if the [Delete] button for the Unknown Account profile is greyed out (disabled)? Thanks.

  6. Richard Guilcher says

    Restart the pc. its what i did, and i can now click on the (once greyed out) button

    however, i now have a folder with around 300kb in it that will not delete…

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