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How to Customize Blogger Navigation Bar?

Customize blogger navigation bar of your blog to look better for readers. Do you know what a good blog needs is to be easy navigate by readers to finds their favorite topics quickly? Yes, it’s the point your blog need to have on header. Think as a blog reader, if you can’t search through the posts quickly and easily to find what interests you, probably you won’t be looking no more and won’t back again to blog. Don’t you? That’s all because of a bad navigation bar. So let’s simply customize blogger navigation bar with these simple guide.

Customize Blogger Navigation Bar of  Your Blog

There are many different ways to create and customize blogger navigation bar. But we are going to explain through the default templates of blogger. The default templates of blogger is SEO friendly and the page speed is very fast than other templates or Theme.

1. Create Blogger Navigation Bar

By default the blogger template currently doesn’t have navigation bar. You can add your blog tags as navigation bar or create a pages.

1. From blogger settings navigate to Settings, Layout under Favicon gadget click Edit on Navbar gadget and turn of the default Navbar.

Blogger Default Navbar
Blogger Default Navbar

2. Now Add a Gadget and from Gadgets select Labels and add it. Then drag and drop it to header on one of the Cross-Columns.

Add Lable Gadget to Blogger
Add Label  Gadget to Blogger

3. The result should be like below header navigation bar screenshot.

Customize Blogger Navigation Bar on Header
Customize Blogger Navigation Bar on Header

Note: When you add Labels as Navigation bar, you may have too much labels. Your blog navigation bar will look disorganized. You can customized through Configure Labels section. When you want to add it just select Selected Labels and select the labels you want to be displayed for readers. 

Customize and Configure Labels
Customize and Configure Labels

You can place the navigation bar of your blog on sidebar also. In order to do this just drag and drop the Labels gadget on Sidebar.

Blogger Navigation Bar on Sidebar
Blogger Navigation Bar on Sidebar

Another good practice is to select the most used labels as navigation bar on blog header and select others  Labels as Cloud tags on the blog Sidebar.

Blogger Tags Cloud on Sidebar
Blogger Tags Cloud on Sidebar

Yes, this is work perfect for a normal blogger weblog. Just see the result on ( our blogger weblog.

2. Select Pages for Navigation Bar

The second easy method is to create pages and select them on navigation bar tab. It also the best simple practice to do it. You must create all your blog pages first and then add the Pages gadget on header or sidebar.

Display a list of stand alone pages
Display a list of stand alone pages

Creating page is easy on blogger. Try to create the pages you need to display on navigation bar. The pages for navigation bar is better for blog search engine optimization.

3. Code Blogger Navigation Bar

It’s good for coders and developers. For a simple blog and bloggers I don’t recommend to customize the default template codes, unless you must be familiar with HTML and CSS.

If you really need to customize your blog navigation bar through code? Try to get help from a trusted source. Sometime it ruin or disorganize your blog template to add extra codes.


Hope you find this simple blogger article helpful and we ask you to share you blogger tips with us and share our post also.

  1. Faiz Orz says

    Great article.
    It’s too different then a WordPress blog I think.

    1. Shais says

      Not more efferent, just a bit limit than WordPress self hosting.

  2. Ismail Farhang says

    That is great helpful article. It has lots of useful comment to create a new blog navigation bar.

  3. OpsTechie says

    How can i modify the inbuilt navbar like the one in this site ?

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