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How to Create a Bootable USB Using Diskpart Utility?

To install a Windows operating system you need a Windows DVD disc or a bootable USB flash drive. There are many ways to create a Windows Bootable USB. So I want to show you, how to do it with Diskpart command line utility.

First, connect the USB flash drive to your PC and then run Diskpart .

In order to run diskpart, press Windows button+R and type diskpart then hit the enter.

Run - Diakpart
Run – Diakpart

In the screen click Yes in order to run diskpart as administrator.

Disktpat Ran as Admininstrator
Disktpat Ran as Administrator

So when the diskpart opened, type list disk command for showing the connected USB flash drive and hard disk.

Diskpart Sreen
Diskpart Screen

Now it shows 60 GB hard disk and my 14 GB USB flash drive.

You must select the flash drive by select command. Type select disk 1 (disk 1 is USB ) and then type list disk to see whether USB has been selected or not.

The selected disk showed with a stroke symbol in-frond .

Select disk and List disk
Select disk and List disk

Now clean the flash with clean command. Just type clean and hit enter.

Clean disk command
Clean disk

Create a primary partition and format it with the NTFS file format.

To create a partition type create partition primary.

Create partition
Create partition

Now, format the newly created partition by typing format fs=ntfs quick command.

Format Partition
Format Partition

Now set the partition as an active drive for booting during staring system. To do this type active command

Active command
Active command

Here you can see all commands in one screenshot.

All Commands
All Commands

Close the diskpart by typing exit command.

Copying Files to  Bootable USB Drive

Finally, copy the contents of Windows DVD or Image to USB flash drive.

Copy contents of windows dvd to USB flash drive
Copy contents of windows DVD to USB flash drive

Everything is good and your Bootable USB is ready for installing windows.

Bootable USB
Bootable USB

It is possible to do with software Windows USB/DVD Download Tool which create by Microsoft developers.

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