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Configure Static Routing in Packet Tracer – CCNA

Posted in CCNA, Networking6 months ago • Written by Shais3 Comments

Configure Static Routing is the routing that network administrator configures the network routers manually, instead of using routing protocols RIP, OSPF, etc. which utilized in the dynamic routing. The benefits of static routing are minimum bandwidth usage, no overhead on router CPU and much more and perfect for a small network with a few routers. But it is not without cons. It ‘s hard to configure all routers manually in the vast network and troubleshooting is always harder than configuration.

As a network administrator or student of CCNA, you must know the configuration of static routing. It helps you understand the process and functions of routing in the network apparently.

Configure Static Routing Using Cisco Packet Tracer

To perform this task, you must create your lab and configure the basic IP addressing for all PCs and Routers or download my CCNA Lab – Static Route with Cisco packet tracer. CCNA Lab – Static Route – no Configure.

CCNA Lab- Configure Static Routing

CCNA Lab- Configure Static Routing

I have configured the Static Route the same as the screenshot, and it is not yet configured routing. You must configure it with below step by step Static Routing guide.

Static Routing command syntax: Ip route [destination network address] [mask] [next hop address or interface name]

1. In the R1 type the following commands to introduce two LANs and for Router 1.

2. Router2: Add three networks for router 2 and be sure that do not configure it with wrong IP address.

3. Router3: Do the same as router 2 but with different destination and exit interface address.

So it’s easy and not too much difficult. If you want to accomplish this task, firstly you must try to understand the concept of routing and then try to configure it.

You can download the complete Static Routing Lab from the link below and look at the routing configuration with ‘show ip route or show run‘ commands.  CCNA Lab – Static Route. If you have any question, please feel free to ask us.

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    I used default route in R2 and R3, this is wrong?

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    I hadn’t thought of using containers but that’s a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing!

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