3 Best Android Screen Recorder Apps for 2018

Do you ever want to record any video especially gameplay on your Android devices? And you can find many apps on the Android app store some of them may not work as you need. In this article, I am going to share top 3 best android screen recorder apps, that will help you record HD or Full HD video on your devices.

Best Android Screen Recorder Apps

1. AZ Screen Recorder

The AZ screen recorder is a really good android screen recorder in the play store. It comes with several great features that help you customize the video setting as you need. So if you record videos for your youtube channel, you can add your channel logo or name as a watermark.

It has a full control on how and what options should be enabled or disabled, while you are recording video on your android devices.

AZ Android screen recorder – Technig

2. DU Recorder

The DU Recorder comes with its own functionalities. It has many great features that you can set up before you started to record your screen videos. You can use the shake feature option to stop recording, close the apps when you don’t use it, edit the video and set up the countdown and so on.

DU Recorder – Technig

3. Mobizen

Record your game-play or any other video with this amazing Mobizen screen recorder. So edit and publish your videos on YouTube and other social media. So you can add intro video at the beginning of the recorded videos and duplicate one frame as much as you want to hold a part of the video. It has many other great features.

Mobiazen Screen Recorder – Technig


That’s all tree best Android Screen Recorders. So there are several other screen recorders on Play Store that might work the same as these recorders apps. When using any of these tree apps you will have full control to your video recording and edit the video after it recorded. Hop this article help you.

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  • natwar navetia

    just look at this app, I have been using this app name screen recorder
    very user-friendly app.

    Screen recorder is a free app which is used to record or capture images/videos with or without your front cam. It’s help user to create tutorials related to any app.

    App user has the choice to share it on facebook video, youtube video, email, Bluetooth or the other sharing mode. By enabling front cam, you can record video of your mobile screen with your own video.