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5 Tools that Every WordPress Developer must be Aware of

Here is the 5 WordPress Tools For Developers. WordPress is fast, lightweight, and easy to use Content Management System. As a developer while developing for WordPress we frequently get into situations that call for specialized plugins and tools to make our lives easier. Creating a theme from scratch, importing test posts, regenerating images, automation of WordPress re-installation, testing your theme, creating options pages and a lot more…

In this article I’ll showcase 5 WordPress tools for developers that will help your development process faster.

5 WordPress Tools For Developers

1. Underscores


Underscores is actually a fully-functioning theme devoid of any additional features – or styling for that matter. It covers all the bases so you don’t have to. The 404 page is there, the comments page is fully coded, headers, footers, sidebars – the lot. Simple you give your theme a name and underscores will generate necessary files for your theme.

By using Underscores you can focus on what really matters: creating a unique product and a great experience for your users.

2. wpthemedetector

wp theme detector

WordPress Theme Detector is a free tool that allows you to find all the details about the WordPress theme and plugins currently being used by a site. Make sure the site is using WordPress, otherwise it can’t detect which theme for plugin the site is using.

3. Generatewp


Coming to the third of 5 WordPress tools for developers. The easiest and the fastest way to create custom and high quality code for your WordPress project using the latest WordPress coding standards and API’s. Although it is not completed yet, you can use it to generate your plugin or theme code. Additionally you can save your code if you have created account here.

4. RTL Tester


The forth of 5 WordPress Tools For Developers is RTL. RTL is not important, right? After all, how many people use it? Well it turns out, quite a lot. I can’t say I’m a linguistics expert but if you just look at Arabic, it is the fifth most spoken language used by over 200 million people. Arabic is just the largest group a whole host of other languages use right to left script.

If this weren’t enough, RTL support is just so easy to add there really is no excuse for excluding over 200 million people from enjoying your product. The only difficulty is simulating an RTL environment, but RTL Tester comes to the rescue. With a handy button in the toolbar you can switch from LTR to RTL.

5.Theme Check


The fifth of 5 WordPress Tools For Developers is Theme Check that is a must have WordPress tool for every theme developer. Even if you have many themes under your belt, are you absolutely sure you have no hidden files in there? Are you sure there’s no .svn folder? Are all the stylesheet tags from the official list? Have you implemented all required features? There aren’t any depreciated functions and you’re not using bloginfo('url') are you?

Theme Check looks over your shoulders and makes sure that anything that can be automatically checked is checked. While it doesn’t replace unit tests and user testing it’s a great tool for conforming to submission guidelines and best practices.


I’d love to hear some of your favorite plugins, tips, tricks and insights. Please share in the comments below and I will add to these list of 5 WordPress Tools For Developers. I hope it have been informative for you and speed up your WordPress development process.

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