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Windows 10 Free Training Courses For IT Professionals

Let’s get started with Windows 10 free training for IT professionals on Microsoft virtual academy. This course is designed for students of information technology and IT experts. As an IT Pro, how can you securely enable your organization with Windows 10? Find out all, in this practical and informative course.

Windows 10 Free Training Course
Windows 10 Free Training Course

These top 10 full courses of Windows 10 free training walk through what’s new in Windows 10 deployment and management, with a team of experts. Look at runtime provisioning, mobile device management (MDM), secure authentication, and much more. Plus, find out what Windows as a Service means for you and your organization.

Windows 10 Free Training Course Titles

1. Getting Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals

  • As an IT Pro, how can you securely enable your organization with Windows 10? Find out, in this practical and informative course. Windows offers management features that empower IT, professionals, to address the current shift toward a mobile workplace, a realization of heterogeneous ecosystems, bring your own device (BYOD) and choose your own device (CYOD) scenarios, and the cloud.

2. What’s New in Windows® 10

  • This Microsoft Partner Applied Workshop introduces IT Professionals to the new features and capabilities of Windows 10. The workshop combines video, and uses the Enterprise Edition of Windows 10 to cover what’s new in Windows 10 for IT Professionals, as well as the key Windows 10 ecosystem consisting of Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit(ADK) for Windows 10, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013 Update 1 Preview, System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager Technical Preview, and MDT 2013 Update 1.

3. Getting Others to Run my Business while I look for the Next Best Thing

  • Debbie Botha provides small business owners with advice on growing and training your team while you look for greater and new things for your business.

4. Windows 10: Update for IT Pros

  • Join Microsoft Australia Senior Evangelist, Jeff Alexander, as he takes you through Windows as a Service, Windows 10 Deployment, whats new in management and the Windows Store, Runtime provisioning in Windows 10 and the new era of security features in Windows 10.

5. PR & Communication Toolkit

  • Ashleigh Fenwick provides entrepreneurs with some background info surrounding PR and Communications and shares advice and insight into effective PR strategies for small businesses.

6. Introducing the new Microsoft Educator Community

  • While technology can aid classroom instruction and help improve student learning, it’s the educator who truly enables change.

7. Do Great Things with Windows 10

  • Windows 10 at a glance * Learn how to use your Windows 10 PC * Learn about Windows Store and apps * Meet Cortana on Windows 10 * Be more productive with Office apps and cool features on Windows 10 * Explore, enjoy and be the master of your Windows 10 PC

8. Windows 10 Role Play for SMB

  • Join us to discover Windows 10, functionality, value proposition to customers and exciting role play scenarios.

9. Windows 10: Top Features for Consumers

  • Are you a consumer, interested in the new features of Windows 10? Or maybe you’re an IT Pro, tasked with supporting your users and their expectations of Windows 10. Walk through the new functionality with popular author and technology journalist Ed Bott and Microsoft Worldwide Retail Sales & Marketing Director Ben Rudolph, and learn about the value and applicability of the new features.

10. Preparing Your Enterprise for Windows 10 as a Service

  • What do you need to begin testing Windows 10 for your organization? Find out, in the fifth episode of the

The courses may change. So navigate to see all the courses on Microsoft Virtual Academy, Windows 10 free Training courses section.

Microsoft Virtual Academy
Microsoft Virtual Academy
Note: If you are new to Microsoft virtual Academy, try to register with your Microsoft outlook account. Once your registration has been completed, go to your profile and complete it with correct information. This will help you to pass your exams for MCSE and MCSA. 
These were the titles with a full description about Windows 10 free training course. Hope you have focus and get more about Windows 10 management in your enterprise network.
  1. Karar says

    Great! I love to learn windows 10 for IT also it costs nothing, but without training how it helps to pass the mCSA and MCSE exams?

    1. Shais says

      You may pass the exam, but you can’t work for you life. Try to work hard and get better your networking skills. There is no bypassing tips and tricks for at real world network infrastructure.

  2. Aara Kapur says

    Thanks for the new creative ways 🙂

    I would love to say that These titles are very unique and on demand but sure do the course from right training center like – Koenig Solutions

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