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How to Track Your Lost Mobile Devices?

Losing your mobile is one of the biggest problem and finding that is also another impossible task. But there many ways to equip your mobile devices against lost and stolen. Here is the simple steps I will show you to track lost mobile device. It became easier with the help of some websites and mobile tracker apps. You can track lost mobile to sent SMS on the locked screen, play alarm on your lost mobile. We have many ways to track it but I am going to explain two of the easiest ways.

How to Track Lost Mobile Devices?

Sometimes mobile doesn’t mean anything to us but the pictures, movies and some of the files are very important and can be very private for us. So losing them is a kind of every big problem that you might know more.

Procedures of Tracking a Lost Mobile

1. The first step is to know your Gmail Account and the password you are using in your play store on your mobile. Then go to your mobile’s menu find out google Settings.

Android Devices Settings
Android Devices Settings

2. Enter the Google Settings then go to the Security and you have to mark 2 of the options showed on the below screenshot.

Android Security Settings
Android Security Settings

The two options will Remotely locate your mobile and also you can remote lock and erase your files from you mobile remotely.

3. Now open your browser in your computer and go to the site “” where you have to login first and then a page will open where you have to select your mobile’s model.

Android Devices Manager - Track Lost Mobile Devices
Android Devices Manager – Track Lost Mobile Devices

You can be known of the model of your mobile from its cover or going to the System Setting, About Device and know about the model you are using.

4. You can Ring to your mobile. You can lock your mobile. And also the most important that you can Erase it if you will know my mobile will come to me again.

Finally, it’s easy way to find and track lost mobile remotely. You can use mobile tracking apps on your mobile before you lost it. It will help you find and track it easily.


If you want to track your lost mobile then your mobile must be connected with an internet. Then it will defiantly work fine. But if your mobile is not connected with internet also when so ever means doesn’t matter when the mobile will  get a connection with internet so it will so the same process which you have tried by device manager before. Hope it will never happen to you that you lost your mobile devices and so most important your private data. So keep your devices secure and safe, the bad happens will never ask you.

  1. Faiz Orz says

    Thanks for the information but when a person stole a device and he or she does not connect an internet connection then he or she may factory reset it before to connect to the internet then on that time what we should do?
    Is there any want to get it back or not?

    1. Shais says

      May be, but keep you mobile secure!

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