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How to Start Wamp Server Automatically in Windows 10

Running Wampserver every time you turn on your computer becomes a little painful. Also, if you are developing an app for clients, you don’t want your client to run Wampserver every time they run the application. So, the solution is to run it automatically. Besides, it should look and feel natural and easy to access your app. So, this article will teach you how to start Wamp Server automatically in windows 10.

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Start Wamp Server Automatically

Here are the steps to run or start Wamp Server automatically.

  • Type ” services.msc ” in Run and press enter.
  • Search for ” wampapache64 “.
  • Right-click and go to Properties
  • On General tab, change the Startup type to Automatically and press Ok.
  • Do the same step for ” wampmysqld64

In a nutshell, it was that easy. So, if you have any trouble doing the above steps, follow the following steps in details.

1. Open Services

You can search for services or type ” services.msc ” on Run to open services window.

Open Services with Run
Open Services with Run

2. Find wampapache64 and wampmysqld64.

After opening Services window, then search for wampapache64  and  wampmysqld64.

Services window in Windows
Services window in Windows

3. Open Properties.

Right-click on wampapache64 and go to properties. Then change the Startup type to Automatically.

Change Startup of WamServer
Change Startup of WamServer

Repeat the same steps for wampmysqld64 and you are done. In case of some issue, comment us.


So, it was that easy. Although there are some other ways as well that let you run apps on startup, it’s was the reliable way. Besides, now you can run any application you want automatically. So, we hope it has been informative for you and if you have any questions, feel free to ask on our forum.

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