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Secure Browsing with HTTPs Everywhere Extension

Try to secure browsing all websites using browsers extension list https everywhere. This browser extension will help you to browse all website securely using https.

HTTPs or hypertext transfer protocol with secure socket layer encrypt the traffic of your internet which makes the data unreadable from man in middle attack or sniffing network traffics. Sniffing is the process of capturing the traffics between source and destination. While a client want to login to bank account, the attacker simply capture all traffics if it not secured by HTTPs.

Secure Browsing with HTTPs Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.

  • Webmasters and prospective contributors: Check the HTTPS Everywhere Atlas to quickly see how existing HTTPS Everywhere rules affect sites you care about! HTTPS Everywhere is governed by EFF’s Privacy Policy for Software.
https everywhere - Secure Browsing extension
https everywhere – Secure Browsing extension

How to install it?

Install it like the other browser extensions. So I’m trying to install on Google chrome. Open the chrome and go to Settings then Extension and click on Get more extensions link.

Google Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome Extensions

To find the extension just search for https everywhere then click add to Chrome button in order to install it.

OK, you have successfully installed and now once refresh your browser page to see the result.

Remember, the websites that do not support https, the https everywhere will not work for such a website.

Secure Browsing Errors
Secure Browsing Errors

Try to do not tick the check box of Block all http requests. This will not let the http works correctly. So you might fail to open some websites.

HTTPs Secure Browsing Settings
HTTPs Secure Browsing Settings

That is all. Hope this can help you to protect your internet traffics while you are browsing website. if you need to know more, do check the settings to find out more options.

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