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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Graphic Designers

We always want the easiest way to achieve something weather in real life or in life of Fantasy. First time when reach to Photoshop we lose out what should we do? And every time while reaching to commands will take time, in order to make our work easy and reach to them easily we use Photoshop keyboard shortcuts, not only in Photoshop, but in Windows, Google chrome, Graphics, Maya, Element 3D, Office suit and many more. In this post of Photoshop Tips, I have decided to introduce you with shortcut commands of Adobe Photoshop tools section.

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts - Technig
Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts – Technig

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

These list are using on Windows and Mac OS. The tools name and keyboard shortcuts on tow different operating system.




Move Tool V V
Rectangular Marque Tool M M
Elliptical Marque Tool M M
Lasso Tool L L
Polygonal Lasso Tool L L
Magnetic Lasso Tool L L
Magic Wand Tool W W
Quick Selection Tool W W
Crop Tool C C
Perspective Crop Tool C C
Slice Tool C C
Slice Select Tool C C
Eyedropper Tool I I
3D Material Eyedropper Tool I I
Color Sampler Tool I I
Ruler Tool I I
Note Tool I I
Count Tool I I
Spot Healing Brush J J
Healing Brush Tool J J
Patch Tool J J
Content Aware Move Tool J J
Red Eye Tool J J
Brush Tool B B
Pencil Tool B B
Color Replacement Tool B B
Mixer Brush Tool B B
Clone Stamp Tool S S
Pattern Stamp Tool S S
History Brush Tool Y Y
Art Brush History Y Y
Eraser Tool E E
Background Eraser Tool E E
Magic Eraser Tool E E
Gradient Tool G G
Paint Bucket Tool G G
3D Material Drop Tool G G
Dodge Tool O O
Burn Tool O O
Sponge Tool O O
Pen Tool P P
Freeform Pen Tool P P
Horizontal Type Tool T T
Vertical Type Tool T T
Horizontal Type Mask Tool T T
Vertical Type Mask Tool T T
Path Selection Tool A A
Direct Selection Tool A A
Rectangle Tool U U
Rounded Rectangle Tool U U
Ellipse Tool U U
Polygon Tool U U
Line Tool U U
Custom Shape Tool U U
Hand Tool H H
Rotate View Tool R R
Zoom Tool Z Z
Quick Mask Q Q
Standard Screen Mode F F
Full screen Mode with Menu Bar F F
Full Screen Mode F F

Note: If you want to select those Tools which have the same keyboard Shortcuts, Then Press Shift Plus keyboard shortcut in windows but in Mac press Command Button and then keyboard shortcut. You can change these settings from Preference in Edit Menu by Pressing Only Keyboard Tool.

I hope you will use all these Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts on your daily graphic designing, in order to reach to commands easily without wasting your time.

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