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How to Design an Orange Manipulation Design in Photoshop?

In this Photoshop tips article, I am going to Design an Orange Manipulation Design with Photoshop. Photoshop Manipulation is the skillful handling, controlling or using of something or someone. Whether it’s the sculpture you made in art class or how you convinced your friend to do your homework — both are considered manipulation. But again in this lesson I will take a group of Images and create an orange Manipulation Design in Photoshop, while creating this project I will introduce you with Gradient, Layer Mask, creating shadow and other settings.

Create Orange Manipulation Design in Photoshop

1. Let’s start creating this project with its background, like every project we need to create a new document by pressing Ctrl+N with width of 1920 pixel and Height of 1080 pixel. Select Gradient and open its settings, apply this 9ec3da codes to both sides which looks like Light Blue color but for the middle use white color with 50 percent location. After applying those settings and draw it like this.

Orange Manipulation Background
Orange Manipulation Background

2. Open orange Image in Photoshop, and then copy it and paste that in your project. After Pasting we need to create shadow under both oranges. In order to do this, select brush from tools section and change its code to 000000 which is black color, then once click with size of 200 pixels, and then select free transform from Edit menu and create shadow like this.

Creating shadow
Creating shadow

3. In this step select Pen tool and cut the middle of orange from shell. After selecting them by pen tool press Ctrl+Enter to change the path to selection, and you can delete it or you can create a mask to be saver, however it depends on you.

Delete the selection
Delete the selection

4. After cutting that part select, open the water image in Photoshop, and by pressing Ctrl+T to select free transform, decrease its size to fit the orange.

Note: You can change your water layer into smart object and for erasing non-important places you can use mask.

Fit water to the orange- Orange Manipulation Design
Fit water to the orange- Orange Manipulation Design

5. After creating last step open the long image water into Photoshop, again change it to smart object by navigating to Layer-Smart Object and select convert to smart object. Again press Ctrl+T to select Free transform and decrease its size, again you can use Mask for non-important places for erasing.

Till these step after applying those settings your project will look like this screen shot.

Enhancing the long water into orange-Orange Manipulation Design
Enhancing the long water into orange- Orange Manipulation Design

6. In this step open the Goldfish image and select those two fishes which I circled in the screen shot.

Note: Don’t worry about its background, after reaching it to the project, change its blend mode to Multiply and also those two fishes in separate layers, also if you desire you can use other fishes too.

Selecting Fishes from golden fish- Orange Manipulation Design
Selecting Fishes from golden fish- Orange Manipulation Design

7. In last step you need to position fishes into class.  See the bellow photo. It’s the final result. You design should be like this.

Create Orange Manipulation Design Using Photoshop
Create an Orange Manipulation Design Using Photoshop

I hope you have learned something from this lesson but again if you had any question you can give your feedback in comments, and I will be there to answer you.

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