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The 50 Most Common, 10 Oddball, and 5 Tough Interview Questions

I always read the glass door blog with it’s many beneficial interview questions and tips. I just collect some  50 most common, 10 oddball, and 5 toughest interview questions from many topics. These will help and familiarizing you with interview questions.

When it comes to the interview process, research and preparation for the interview questions can often times determine your chances of making it to the next step. One of the best ways to get ready for a job interview is to practice your responses to any and all interview questions – even the downright weird.

The below 50 most common interview questions are elected through tens of thousands of interview reviews to find out some of the most common interview questions candidates get asked during recent interviews.

Most Common Interview Questions

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. What are your weaknesses?
  3. Why are you interested in working for [insert company name here]?
  4. Where do you see yourself in five years? Ten years?
  5. Why do you want to leave your current company?
  6. Why was there a gap in your employment between [insert date] and [insert date]?
  7. What can you offer us that someone else can not?
  8. What are three things your former manager would like you to improve on?
  9. Are you willing to relocate?
  10. Are you willing to travel?
  11. Tell me about an accomplishment you are most proud of.
  12. Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
  13. What is your dream job?
  14. How did you hear about this position?
  15. What would you look to accomplish in the first 30 days/60 days/90 days on the job?
  16. Discuss your resume.
  17. Discuss your educational background.
  18. Describe yourself.
  19. Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.
  20. Why should we hire you?
  21. Why are you looking for a new job?
  22. Would you work holidays/weekends?
  23. How would you deal with an angry or irate customer?
  24. What are your salary requirements? (Hint: if you’re not sure what’s a fair salary range and
  25. compensation package, research the job title and/or company on Glassdoor.)
  26. Give a time when you went above and beyond the requirements for a project.
  27. Who are our competitors?
  28. What was your biggest failure?
  29. What motivates you?
  30. What’s your availability?
  31. Who’s your mentor?
  32. Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss.
  33. How do you handle pressure?
  34. What is the name of our CEO?
  35. What are your career goals?
  36. What gets you up in the morning?
  37. What would your direct reports say about you?
  38. What were your bosses’ strengths/weaknesses?
  39. If I called your boss right now and asked him what is an area that you could improve on, what would he say?
  40. Are you a leader or a follower?
  41. What was the last book you’ve read for fun?
  42. What are your co-worker pet peeves?
  43. What are your hobbies?
  44. What is your favorite website?
  45. What makes you uncomfortable?
  46. What are some of your leadership experiences?
  47. How would you fire someone?
  48. What do you like the most and least about working in this industry?
  49. Would you work 40+ hours a week?
  50. What questions haven’t I asked you?
  51. What questions do you have for me?

These are not all, in addition to questions commonly asked during a job interview, you might asked some unexpected and oddball questions which may not related to your job field.

Top Oddball Interview Questions

This is not a local result of interview. It all around the world which collected by Glassdoor which help people everywhere to find jobs and companies they love. If you are living in the US, UK, and Canada, you may hear some oddball questions from the below list.

Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions – US

  1. What would you do if you were the one survivor in a plane crash?
  2. What’s your favorite 90s jam?
  3. If you woke up and had 2,000 unread emails and could only answer 300 of them how would you choose which ones to answer?
  4. Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman?
  5. If you had a machine that produced $100 dollars for life what would you be willing to pay for it today?
  6. What did you have for breakfast?
  7. Describe the color yellow to somebody who’s blind
  8. If you were asked to unload a 747 full of jelly beans, what would you do?
  9. How many people flew out of Chicago last year?
  10. What’s your favorite Disney Princess?

Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions – UK

  1. Can you calculate how many tennis balls are used during the course of Wimbledon?
  2. Estimate the total number of cars in the UK
  3. How many calories are in a grocery store?
  4. How would you sell a fridge to an eskimo?
  5. What would you take to a lonely island with you and why?
  6. Is batman a super hero?
  7. You have 17 red and 17 blue balls, and you remove 2 at a time. If the two are the same color, add in one extra blue ball. If they are different
    colors, add in an extra red ball. What color is the final ball removed?
  8. What cartoon character would you be and why?
  9. What is the wildest thing you have done?
  10. What was your opinion of the film Blair Witch Project?

Top 10 Oddball Interview Questions – Canada

  1. If you could high five one person, living or not, who would it be?
  2. If Labatt gave you a million dollars with the condition that you’d have to pay it back in 3 years, what would you do with it?
  3. If you only have one choice, do you prefer to work on time or correctly?
  4. How can we move Mount Fuji?
  5. If you were an inanimate object, what would you be?
  6. What would you name a book about your life at this point?
  7. How do you get a plastic ball out of a cup without touching the cup.
  8. If you own a grocery store and you have to sell apples, how would you determine how many different types of apples would you sell?
  9. How will you keep Hoot-suite weird?
  10. How many traffic lights are there in Canada?

Read the top oddball interview questions for France and Germany languages.

Remember, if some time and somewhere in an interview ask you, what was the last name of person you chat with last night at 2:23 am at your home? ‌Be sure that you are on the interrogation chair no interview!  Yes, trust me 🙂

5 Tough Interview Questions

  1. What are you proud to have did you accomplish at your last job?
  2. Tell me about a time when you messed up at work. How did you fix your mistake?
  3. What is your five-year plan?
  4. Describe how an apple tastes to someone who can’t taste.
  5. What religious holidays do you practice?

Read them and know how to answer?  And next is sharing your idea and interview experience with us.

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