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Inspect Documents to protect your Personal Data!

Inspect Document is a great and necessary tool for Microsoft Office users. While working with MS Word, it automatically saves and keeps some hidden data. These data could be any personal information, hidden comments, hidden texts, XML data and etc.

In order to avoid MS Word from keeping hidden information and personal data with itself, “Inspect Document” must be applied on it.

After the completion of your document apply “Inspect Document”, if you never want your information go out of your PC or out to place where you don’t want.

“Inspect Document” is mentioned as “Inspect Workbook” in excel and “Inspect Presentation” in PowerPoint.

Here are some steps for inspection of any word document:

No 1: Save your document and move to Backstage view by clicking on FILE Tab.

No 2: Select “Info” from left sidebar, if it isn’t selected.

No 3: Find the option “Inspect Document” and click on the dropdown button left to that, named as “Check for issues”.

No 4: Click the first command “Inspect Document” from the list.

File Info

Selection: A new window appears. Select the contents that you want to inspect for and then Click “Inspect”.

Select Content


A: Click “Remove all” for each content which you don’t want MS Word to keep with itself.

B: Re-inspect.

C: Close.

Remove All


Finally Your Inspection is completed and you can send your document anywhere. 

Best of Luck!

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