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Google AdSense from Apply to Approve Guides in few Steps

When you want to monetize your website, blog or mobile apps to earn money, Google AdSense is the best and easy option to choose. Because Google AdSense is a free and simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites. The following features are just a few from hundreds.

  • AdSense has easily accessible support and personalized recommendations as you grow your business.
  • Let you choose from a variety of ad sizes and formats with options to block certain categories of ads or even specific advertisers with full customization feature.
  • Best performance tools to easily create reports and understand your ad performance to monetize you website better to earn more.
  • And many more options and features you find on adsense help center.

How to Create Google AdSense Account?

Easy as creating a google email account (Gmail). You can join to AdSense with your existing Gmail account or create another account. It is better to create a specific account for Google AdSense and Google Analytics or other google products to control your business.

1. Just go to and login with your Gmail account.

Welcome to Google AdSense
Welcome to Google AdSense

2. Enter your website and select your website languages. Check the content languages whether Google AdSense support your website language or not.

3. On Your Information step, select your time zone, Account type, Payment name, Address and phone number.

Note: The Payment name and address should be the exact name and address you have on your Passport, National ID, or Driver License. Latter google may send address approval mail to your address. Then name to be pay you earn money to your bank account.  

Your Information for Google AdSense
Your Information for Google AdSense

4. Now you are one of the Google AdSense publishers. Navigate to Adsense, My Ads and create an Ad unit for your website.

Create an Ads on AdSense
Create an Ads on AdSense

5. When you create ad unit, copy  and paste the ad code to your website advertisement sections or create a sidebar ads widget. You can use google AdSense plugin also if your website is a CMS like WordPress or Drupal etc.

6. This ad will display a blank ads space until your account will be approved. It is on your website for analyzing traffics. If your website has the appropriate and qulified traffic, google will approve your account, otherwise you will receive a help email from AdSense support team.

Google AdSense Performance Reports and Estimated Earnings
Google AdSense Performance Reports and Estimated Earnings

Finally, you should work and analyze your AdSense account to get familiar with options and features. If you get expert pretty enough on google products, you can achieve the Certified Publishing Partner Program also. For more information subscribe to Google AdSense blog and read the post and policies.

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