How to Fix Ifconfig Command not found in Linux Ubuntu

This is a simple guide to fix ifconfig command not found in the Linux operating system. No matter what Linux operating system you are using, this tips will help you fix this issue.

The ifconfig is a system administration utility in Unix and Linux like operating systems for network interface configuration. The utility is a command line interface tool and is also used in the system startup scripts of many operating systems. It has features for configuring, controlling, and querying TCP/IP network interface parameters. Ifconfig originally appeared in 4.2BSD as part of the BSD TCP/IP suite.

Fix ifconfig Command not found

As you know that the ifconfig stands for “interface configuration”. It is used to view and change the configuration of the network interfaces on your system. So I recommend you read this informative article about ifconfig command. The writer tried to explain the 15 important command of ifconfig for Linux users.

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When you type ifconfig to check your system network configuration, it prompts that the program ‘ifconfig’ is currently not installed. To fix ifconfig command not found, just install the net-tools package on your system.

Fix Ifconfig Command not found in Linux Ubuntu

1. To install net-tools, open terminal and type “sudo apt-get install net-tools” in Ubuntu Linux. Then type the admin password to start the net-tools installation process.

Note: Your system must have a network connection that connects to the internet.  Without internet it can not download the net-tools package from linux online repository.

How to install missing ifconfig command on Linux – Technig

2. When the net-tools installation has finished successfully, type ifconfig to test whether it works or not. Now, it must work perfectly without any issue.

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Yes, it works perfectly. Now you can see the Linux network interface configuration.

The program ‘ifconfig’ is currently not installed – Linux Network Interface Configuration – Technig

That’s all, hope you get to fix the ifocnfig command error quickly. Try to comment us in case of any issue. We will help you fix it as soon as possible.

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