Easy File Sharing between Linux and Windows 10

We have many articles related to file sharing between Linux and Windows 10. Because of various Linux distributions, we receive some new request about file sharing between Linux and Windows. In this article we just collection all informative articles about file sharing between Linux and Windows systems.

If you use different Linux distribution, just apply the one that works perfectly or comment us for solving file sharing problems between Linux and Windows 10.

File sharing is easy but keep in mind that secure file sharing is a bit different. You must know something about computer security and safe file sharing system. Sometimes you just share a file on the network and accessing it over the network computers. Do you know the other can access your file if you did not configure the file sharing permission correctly?

Easy File Sharing between Linux and Windows 10 – Technig

Sharing File Between Linux and Windows 10

To share files and folders between two different operating system, just know the file sharing options of both operating systems. Before starting secure file sharing, make sure your computers are on the same network and connected with each other. The “ping” command will help you can ping between two systems using the command line.

To ping, another system just types “ping IP address another system.”

Check network connectivity between two systems – Technig

Yes, the result of successful ping should be like the above screenshot. The result “request timeout” and “Destination host unreachable.” means that the system is not accessible or system firewall security blocked the ping echo.

I recommend you to read the article about networking Linux and Windows system. This article completely cover to network the Linux with Windows system.

Good, follow the articles for easy and secure file sharing between Linux and Windows 10 operating system.

  1. Sharing files between Ubuntu and Windows 10.
  2. How to Share files between Windows 10 and Linux Mint?
  3. Easy and Secure File Sharing between Kali Linux and Windows 10.

The following videos are the short tutorial of secure file sharing between different systems.

File Sharing between Linux and Windows 10 video tutorial.

Sharing Files between Kali Linux and Windows 10 video tutorials.

Finally, if you faced the problem again with file sharing between Linux system and Windows, just comment us and share us what Linux operating system you are using. We will make an informative step by step guide for your issues with Linux and Windows.

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