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Expected IT Spending in 2015 Infographic

I saw this informative infographic about expected IT spending in 2015 on the slideshare webiste. It show the entire reports which expected for IT spending cost. You will find out some information from enterprise software, data center systems, devices, Telecom services to IT Services.  Worldwide IT spending is on pace to total $3.8 trillion in 2015, a 2,4% increase from the next year.

Infographic – Expected IT Spending in 2015

Expected IT Spending in 2015
Expected IT Spending in 2015

The IT and business executives are using highly anticipated reports as they refine their strategy and road map to prioritize investments and identify opportunities within the IT market, and to base their critical business decisions on proven methodologies. IT spending will rise in 2015 as the rest of the economy expands and IT vendors introduce the latest products customers care about.

Source: SlideShare

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