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Android Duplicate Files Fixer App to Remove Duplicate Files

Android Duplicate Files Fixer App Review. Smartphones have made it easier to communicate around the world. The advancement in the technology has made it possible. It has become easier to make calls, take pictures, and send messages with only one click. Cell phones are no doubt a blessing in this busy world but at the same time pose a lot of problems.

The major problem that comes is the storage problem.  Low storage problem does not let users store much of the data; users cannot save pictures, songs, videos, and at times even contacts.

Have you ever thought why such problem arises? The reason is the inefficient management of storage space. At times, users download pictures, videos, and audio files multiple times accidentally. This occurs due to an error in network or transmission in case of Bluetooth. Such errors give rise to redundancy and duplication of files and other media information.

Android Duplicate Files Fixer App

The solution to this problem is to search and remove the duplicates from the phone. Searching duplicates manually can be a tough task and it is also possible that users may delete wrong files. It is better to use an app to remove duplicates automatically. Duplicates Files Fixer is an app by Systweak which helps in deleting duplicates with ease; be it pictures, audios, videos, and documents.

Android Duplicate Files Fixer - Technig
Android Duplicate Files Fixer – Technig

Let’s get straight to the features of Duplicate Files Fixer:

Friendly user- interface

It has easy to use interface which anybody can operate. Duplicate media remover has options, Scan Audio, Scan Videos, Scan Pictures, Scan Documents and Full Scan. On obtaining input from a user, the app scans for the duplicates in the respective category. It has nice design and color combination. If users are not able to understand the working mechanism of the app, they can swipe the menu to the right and watch the tutorial for help.

Duplicate Files Fixer Friendly User Interface
Duplicate Files Fixer Friendly User Interface

Super-fast San Engine

Duplicate Files Fixer has super-fast scan engine to give details of the duplicate stuff on the Android device of users. The results are displayed in a group-wise manner so that users can easily interpret duplicates. Each group consists of one unmarked item. The unmarked item is the original one or considered as the best one to keep in the device.

Super Fast Scan Engine Duplicate Files Fixer
Super Fast Scan Engine Duplicate Files Fixer

Preview Before Deleting

Duplicate Files Fixer let users preview files before deleting them finally from the device. This saves users from accidental deletion of files.

Preview Before Deleting Files
Preview Before Deleting Files

Exclude Folders

Duplicate Files Fixer allows users to exclude files and folders which they do not want to scan. The excluded folders are not scanned and remain intact. The exclusion list can be altered by adding or deleting folders path from it.

Exclude Folders Duplicate Files Fixer App - Technig
Exclude Folders Duplicate Files Fixer App – Technig

Supports Various File Formats

It supports various commonly used file formats so that users do not find difficulty in scanning and removing duplicates.

In conclusion, this simple app is worth downloading to clean up the device and free loads of blocked space for other important stuff. And above all, it will help users save their precious time!

Download the Duplicate Files Fixer App from Google Play Store.

Duplicate Files Fixer App - Technig

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  1. Marcel Preda says

    Just published a similar application on Google Play.
    My app is very small size and can be moved to external sdcard to save internal storage. Please give it a try.

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