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How to Create Virtual Machine Checkpoints in Hyper-V

To restore to the previous configuration, you have to create virtual machine checkpoints in Hyper-V. You often make some changes to your virtual machine, but that change doesn’t go well, and you want to restore it to the previous configuration.

Checkpoint Types

We have two types of checkpoints in Hyper-V: standard checkpoints and production checkpoints. The production checkpoint is more stable than the standard checkpoint.

Standard Checkpoints: capture the virtual machine and everything running in virtual machine memory. Formerly it was known as snapshots before windows 10.

Production Checkpoint: saves the virtual machine state but does not save the information about the running application.

Configure Checkpoints in Hyper-V

Follow the steps below to create virtual machine checkpoints in Hyper-V

  1. Right-click on the virtual machine name and click on Checkpoint, or select your virtual machine and click on Checkpoint at the right column in Hyper-V Manager. When you click on Checkpoint by default, it creates a standard checkpoint, but you can configure it to create a production checkpoint.
Create a virtual machine checkpoint in Hyper-V Manager
Create a virtual machine checkpoint.

To configure checkpoint settings, open Hyper-V Manager, click on Action, then settings. The screen below appears. Click on Checkpoints in the left menu, check Enable checkpoints and click on Production checkpoints.

Once your checkpoint is created, select your checkpoint and click on Apply.

Apply an existing checkpoint in Hyper-V Manager.
To apply checkpoint, right-click on checkpoint and select Apply.

This screen appears. I suggest clicking on Create Checkpoint and Apply because it creates a checkpoint on the current state of your virtual machines and then applies the previous checkpoint.

A checkpoint is a valuable tool in Hyper-V. It helps try the different applications, settings, and configurations without damaging your machine.

To know more about checkpoints, click here.

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