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Create Keyboard Shortcut in Photoshop to Work Faster

Working fast is everyone’s dream in all programs so what makes our work fast? There are many reasons to make our work  done faster and save our time, I am showing you one of the technique which make easy and fast your work. that is Keyboard Shortcut hopefully we can change and create keyboard shortcut in Photoshop, save it and even share that for others. In this basic tutorials I show you all you need to know about Keyboard Shortcut in Photoshop. Like my previews article about make Custom Brush in Photoshop it also simple and easy but helpful.

Keyboard Shortcut in Photoshop

Step 1: To open the Keyboard Shortcut panel go to Edit>Keyboard Shortcut or press ( Alt+Shift+Ctrl+K). In this panel we have two menus or Tab (Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus). Keyboard shortcuts let you to create or change any of the option in any Menus, where as the Menus Tab help you to hide or visible extra options in Menus.

Keyboard Shortcuts Panel
Keyboard Shortcuts Panel

Step 2: Now in this panel for which thing (Menus, Tools or Panels) you want to create or change Shortcut, now expand one of the menu from Application Menu Commend it will show you all options in the selected menu, just click on any of the option to create or change its keyboard shortcut. I create for place option in the File Menu while you make Shortcuts try to use Ctrl,Alt or Shift keys with corrector. I press Alt+Ctrl+C to create shortcut for place option, it worn you when you create a shortcut which is for other option, don’t worry accept that the application create one preset for your shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcut
Keyboard Shortcut


Step 3: To save your Keyboard Shortcuts click on save button at the top of the panel.

Save Button
Save Button

That’s all, simple and easy way to create keyboard shortcut in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy this article and you can ask me anything about adobe products trough comments. I will be glad to help you more.

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