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How to Convert Text to Shape Inside Photoshop?

Adobe Illustrator is an application for working and designing with shapes. Photoshop has some tools which is known as shape tools, by the help of them you can also create, edit shapes inside Photoshop. Shapes has different usage, but mostly we use shapes for designing websites cover, web buttons and many more. Today in this lesson I have decided to show you how to convert text to shape and give simple design for our shape in Photoshop.

Top 5 Reasons using Shapes in Photoshop

  • 1: Consideration: A person who opens your files doesn’t get a missing font warning.
  • 2: Security: A person who opens your files can’t edit the content of your text.
  • 3: Better strokes: You can apply a stroke with sharp mitered corner, regardless how its aligned.
  • 4: Flexibility: You can edit the shape of the letter using Direct tool.
  • 5: Repeatability: You can save your text treatment as a custom shape like logo design.

I will demonstrate the last three.

Convert text to shape

Before starting, I am working on previous project of creating superhero ‘s shield in Photoshop, if you need the files go to Shield lesson and download the exercise files.

1: After opening PSD shield in Photoshop, go to layer panel select Shield layer which is converted to smart object, in order to work with our files inside smart object, go to layer menu- smart objects and then select Edit contents, this will open for you a PSB format in new tab.

2: After doing last step, again go to layer panel, delete or hide star layer because we don’t need that. Then Press T on the keyboard to select type tool, and then type M with any font which you desire, but I am typing with Ocean sans Bold Extended with size of 180.

After that I will center the text inside the shape, go to layer panel select your text then press Ctrl on the keyboard and then click on the Blue layer to load selection of circle, and then switch to the move tool by pressing V on the keyboard, and then go to properties under the menu bar, first select Align Vertical Center and for second time select Align Horizontal centers.

Align settings
Align settings

3. When both of them were centered, it is time to convert the shape form text to the shape, in order to do this, go to type and then select convert to shape.

4. Press A on the keyboard to select Black arrow tool which is known as Path selection tool, but before editing the shape, go to properties under the menu bar and then give a stroke with 3-pixels size and with black color also with fill the stroke outside of the M shape.

Stroke Settings
Stroke Settings

Editing the shape

In order to edit the shape, go to the tools and then select Direct Selection tools, then once click to the shape, after clicking it will show you the Anchor Point and change the shape of your shape like screenshot.

Scale Anchor Point
Scale Anchor Point

After that copy the layer effects of star layer or other layers to your shape and then clip it to the blur layer by navigating to layer and then select create clipping Mask. After that go to blue layer and then give it also stroke form properties under the menu bar with black color. After close the PSB file and save it.

Stroke Result
Stroke Result

Convert logo into shape

When you have created your project, convert it to the shape form type menu, and then go to Edit menu, select Define custom shape, after that enter your shapes name. For reaching to your shapes, select Custom shape tool from tools and then go to properties under the menu bar, find their shape after that find your shape and that’s it.

Convert Shape to text and Convert Text to Shape
Convert Shape to text and Convert Text to Shape

I hope you have learned something from this lesson, your feedback and comments will make my articles better. convert text to shape photoshop cs6, photoshop cc convert text to shape,convert text to shape, photoshop elements, photoshop convert text to shape faux bold, convert text to shape illustrator, convert text into shape online, turn text into shape online.

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