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Top 10 Business VoIP Service Providers in VoIP Market

Each year there are many companies which are truly striving among the competitive industry to be the best and at the top of their game through the top rankings. Thus, these companies strive a lot in each area so they can be better in this way. When it comes to the list, then if you want to know about the top 10 business VoIP service providers, then you are surely at the very right place! You can know about the carefully picked list below. They are set according to their ease, features, etc. and the pricing options and packages overall.

Top 10 Business VoIP Service Providers

What are the Best Business VoIP Service Providers - Technig
What are the Best Business VoIP Service Providers? – Technig

The below 10 business VoIP service providers are the top best of VoIP market. Their VoIP services are unique with a business class 7/24 support.

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1. Ring Central

With 3.5 stars out of 5, this is the top name among many scores of VoIP service providers. Hunt Group/ring all phones options, call centre features, SIP phones, voicemail transcription, IVR/Auto Attendant, extension dialling, dial-in conferencing, call recording, and many other features are provided in the best way ever possible through Ring Central. When it comes to supporting, it has SIP desk phones, unified communication apps, mobile apps assistant, number porting, and many other features, etc. too.

2. Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage holds 3.5 out five stars as well. It also supports hunt groups and rings all phones options while voicemail transcription, IVR/auto attendant, extension dialling, dial-in conferencing, call recording are all supported too. The only reason it comes to number two is that it does not include SIP phones even though it has SIP desk phones support, unified communications, mobile apps support, and number porting, etc.

3. 8×8 Virtual Office Pro

8×8 Virtual Office Pro is the most recommended choice for most people while it has a 4.5 stars rating out of 5 stars as well. Why it still comes to the third rank is that it does not have voicemail transcription options. Even though it has all other options, but this important feature is what it lacks to come down at the 3rd position. However, it does have all other options like call recording, extension dialling, call centre features, and proper support for mobile apps, unified communications, etc.

4. Dial Pad

While Dial pad comes at number four, it is surprising to know that it has been rated 4 out of 5 stars by most people due to its efficiency of the available options that it provides its customers. It does not have voicemail transcription as well besides extension dialling which is critical to many companies. However, it has all other call centre features, and unified communications, call recording, dial-in conferencing, mobile app support, etc. as well.

5. Fonality Hosted PBX

Fonality is also backed by many people to be the best-recommended choice by the people of this industry. It also holds four stars which make it almost better than the number four ranked Dial Pad. However, the reason is not much known in features but pricing that is a bit more than Dial Pad which is why it stands at number five due to affordability in mind.  It supports all features for call centres, and all other mobility and apps support besides number porting, support SIP desk phones, etc. It also has supports for hunt groups though it does not have voice mail transcription in it.

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6. ShoreTel Connect Cloud

ShoreTel Connect Cloud is a name with four stars in its rating but the price is what brings is at number 6. It has all of the options available and provided by Ring Central except for voicemail transcription, but the price is the key difference for the jump from being number one to being number 6. However, there is also customer experience that might vary here.

7. Citrix Grasshopper

With 3 out of 5 stars, and again the pricing factor, Grasshopper stands at number 7, but it does not again have voicemail transcription while it also has limited options for support and features.  It offers hunt groups and rings all phone options besides number porting, mobile app support, while it also has IVR auto attendant and extension dialling support that it provides through its solutions. It does not have any other supportive features at all such as those for call centers, recording, and others.

8. Microsoft Skype for Business Online

With half the rating out of the 5 stars, Skype only offers number porting, mobile app support, the unified communications app, and SIP desk phones support. Thus, it does not have any other features, but its name has become known for its easy-to-use venture which is why it stands at number 8 today even though number 9 and ten might have better options in handy as well.

9. AT&T

This name is the one that you have undoubtedly heard of very commonly by people. It is because it is very famous and deals within many related areas of this industry as well. It could be among the best as well, but in this field, it still lacks in rating as it supports 100+ users which mean it is less than thousands that are offered by many others in the field. However, it has still made it into the list because of two key features. These features are the 100% help and support score as it provides 24/7 presence, live chats, videos, and almost everything (company blog is not available, though). The other reason is the two-year warranty of its hardware which brings up a lot of quality and satisfaction as well.

10. FortiVoice

This is also one name that has quite good ratings to be included in the top 10 list of business VoIP service providers. It provides all collaboration options for great communication and closer working capabilities while it also provides features like instant messaging at additional costs too. It supports 400 users max and has true 80% help and support score even though it doesn’t provide softphone options (which is the reason to come at number 10).

Thus, now that you know about the very best ones for VoIP services make sure you choose wisely and accurately as well.

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