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How to Boost battery life of Smartphones?

The tips and tricks to boost battery life of smartphone is best several ways that help you to keep your mobile battery’s alive for a long time. No matter your smartphone is newly bought or an old one. But you need to know some tips and tricks to save and boost battery life of your smart devices. The tips and tricks we are going to recommend you is not installing any extra apps. They are just several quick ways and usage habits to reduce and save battery as much as possible.

1. Turn off Vibration to Boost Battery Life

The first one is to Turn off all vibrations. Vibrations can be great to notify us for new messages and calls when we are in places where we cannot have our phone in silent. You should try to keep the vibrations off since they spend more battery. Because it shakes machine for shaking phone spend more battery’s then ringtone.

2. Dim the Screen Brightness, You are not Blind!

Boost battery life
Boost battery life

A large screen need more power to display with a high quality. You can try to turn down the brightness and turn off Automatic Brightness. 70% of the battery power is taken to light the screen that enables you to do things. If you could dim down the brightness of the screen by half then there are a lot of chances that your battery life will improve twice as much.

3. Shorten Screen Time-Out Time

The Screen time out is how long the screen has to remain lit if you have finished interacting with it. The long screen time out can also cause a lot of difference in the battery life. You can check this setting in your phone and keep it at an optimal time of one minute or less.

4. Turn off Unnecessary Hardware Radio Options

Turn off Unnecessary Hardware Radios Options
Turn off Unnecessary Hardware Radios Options

It is the habits and default setting of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to search new devices like wireless access point around when they are on. If you turn them off when you don’t need, you will optimize your mobile battery to much. Also you should disable the GPS, NFS and other options. I know your smartphone is complete with full options, but not need to run all of them.

Close Unnecessary Apps
Close Unnecessary Apps

5. Close Unnecessary and Background running  Apps

The running apps on the background is the battery hunter of a device. So close them and don’t leave them to be run. The next one, check and find unnecessary apps from application manager and close all of them. They are just extra battery and CPU killer. But be careful don not close the system apps. It might cause some problem on your mobile. If you have faced with such a case, once reboot your device. It will run the system apps again.

6. Update Apps to Secure Device and Boost Battery

The app developers works to reduce the energy usage of their apps and fix bugs. To keep update all apps  is the must do task to for all users. Updating apps is not just fix bugs or optimize battery usages. It will secure your mobile against viruses, malicious software (malware) and newly internet threats. Read this review about best antivirus for smartphone: Best Free Antivirus for Windows and Mobile Devices

Finally, I don’t recommend you installing any app to boost battery life of your smartphone. Because the app is always running and checking the system. Try to optimize manually and know the ways. This is better and you will learn more about your smartphone.

  1. faiz orz says

    thx alot that was so helpful for me, i was near to sell my phone due to Battery”s life.

  2. Dahlawi says

    Hi dear writer. By “Turn off Unnecessary Hardware Radio Options” you mean wi-fi hotspot and mobile data?

    1. Shais says

      Yes, Exactly I mean to disable such options.

  3. amanamini411 says

    nice article which I have understood is good but someones are uneducated and they cannot use the smartphone properly it is a matter

  4. karar says

    I like it Cuz it was really working !!

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