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What is the Best Mobile Web Browser?

We have to ask many questions to find out the fastest and best mobile web browser you are using. With the boom in mobile computing, people are looking for better ways to surf the Internet with mobile devices. While the default browsers that ship with Android, Windows Phone, and iOS devices (Chrome, IE, Edge and Safari) are already quite good. But there are many other browser with more distinct features to demanding users, such as Fire Fox, Opera, UC Browser etc… The list below are the most populate I already know them.

What is the Fastest and Best Mobile Web Browser
What is the Fastest and Best Mobile Web Browser

What is the best Mobile Web Browser?

  • Chrome: Google’s flagship browser Chrome for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, provides the impressive performance as builtin Android internet browser app. Currently I know this as best mobile web browser.
  • Safari: Apple default internet browser for iOS devices and Max OS devices. It is perfect for Apple iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices, but not good in Windows and Android devices.
  • Fire Fox: The Fire Fox for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is fantastic and flexible desktop browser for Linux users. It’s the best browser for network security and pen tester or hacker. It has more useful and powerful add on. I just said by experience with Fire fox.
  • Opera Mini: Opera is also famous among computer desktop users. It is now for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices. Maybe Opera browser has performance in different platforms, but it’s really unknown for most users.

It’s your turn to say, what web browser you are using. It’s important to specify what browser in which operating system. Also give time to explain the most useful features and functionality of your favorite best web browser. Why you are using a certain web browser or working with multi web browsers? Is this because of the default browser of your mobile or another reasons?

Need to be explained clearly through comment area. Finally I will pin the answers as best and useful web browser, recommend and suggest to users.

  1. Karar says

    How chrome is the best browser among all? I don’t think so

  2. Shais says

    I didn’t told chrome is best. I just said my experience with Google Chrome.

    As i OS user, you should specify and tell us what is the best and fastest browser?

  3. Karar says

    Now sir you have introduced chrome at the first yeah?
    So it means that its the best browser, as an computer administrator which browser do you recommend?

    1. Shais says

      No matter which one firs on the list.
      Mostly I use google chrome with windows on a personal computer. But in network environment IE and Edge, because these two are capable with Windows group policy. When I working with Linux, Fire Fox is suitable.

      We know the builtin web browser of each operating system is good enough for them. But I need to find the most wanted.

  4. Faiz Orz says

    what about Microsoft Edge do you think it’s better at all?

    1. Shais says

      Just write what browser you are using with mobile and computer?

  5. Karar says

    Ok, I am using Google chrome with Safari web browser which are the best of all according to me.

    1. Shais says

      I recommend to use Fire Fox as well.

  6. Mukhtar Jafari says

    I use Chrome for the following reasons.
    First it is compatible with all operating systems, doesn’t matter whether it is mobile devices or computer operating systems.
    Second reason, it has more extensions and easily can download something.
    The third reason, it is secure, work smoothly and pretty fast.
    Fourth reason is the settings and configuration is somehow easy rather than other browsers like Mozilla Fire Fox, IE explorer, Safari and Water-Fox and so on..

    1. Shais says

      I’m not sure about how much secure is it. But agree with speed. The other browsers are have lots of extension too.

      Thanks for mentioning too much facilities of google chrome.

  7. Faiz Orz says

    I usually use google chrome but sometimes when google chrome does not work properly then I immigrate to Microsoft Edge and on my phone I use safari because it works great with IOS system and it’s by default also.

    1. Shais says

      Don’t you have any experience with Fire Fox?

  8. Niaz Ahmad says

    I’ve used Google Chrome,This was excellent.

  9. Faiz Orz says

    i have fire fox work very great but if we need to watch a video we must install flash player before we can watch that.i prefer chrome or Microsoft Edge than Mozilla fire fox.

    1. Shais says

      Yes, this is the exact problem that Fire Fox has.

  10. BEn says


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