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Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies Survey – UK

Are you in search of auto insurance companies?  We listed the top 10 Auto insurance companies according to our customer survey. The motoring cost seems to rise every year, so the majority car owners prefer to choose the car insurance from lowest premium they can find. According to the survey conducted, here are overall feedback results from the thousands of motorists.

UK Auto Insurance Companies

UK Auto Insurance Companies - Technig
UK Auto Insurance Companies – Technig

1. NFU Mutual – 95.94% –

NFU Mutual has secured the number one position in the list of best insurance companies, yet the 2016 result has been the most convincing. The company became top overall, besides in providing clear information and speed ordering categories, whereas it has made the second position for the value of money and the product information.

NFA UK Auto Insurance Companies Survey
NFA UK Auto Insurance Companies Survey

The policymaker must bring the concerns of the clients on the table since the survey reveals about 100% of NFU Mutual customers claim to renew the insurance with the company. NFU has many local offices. It believes personal touch is more valuable than online services. A reader supports the initiative said, “Local and reliable.” Another said, “There’s no mucking about when a claim arises.”

2. Swinton – 93.40%

Swinton had made an outstanding improvement becoming tenth positions higher than the survey conducted in 2015 and made up to second place overall in 2016. The data says Swinton scored first for keeping the client updated and in the crucial value-for-money category.  The company is well aware of their customer’s preferences. It is among a few insurers that have many local offices. According to a reader, “Good face to face service at the local office. Take in proof of cheaper Internet-based premium, and you’ll get a better quote.” One added, “Excellent back-up when my wife had an accident.”

Swinton Auto Insurance Survey
Swinton Auto Insurance Survey

Despite overall satisfactory results, 67% client shared they would renew the present policy with Swinton and on 18th position for the clarity of information.

 3.Royal & Sun Alliance – 91.83% 

Royal & Sun Alliance with impressive overall client experiment placed at the third position. It’s four category scores at top three, with the 4th place about product knowledge and Friendliness and helpfulness. The lowest 11th rank keeping you informed. Back in 2015, the customers criticized the company unclear of information, yet it rose up to second this time. According to the survey, 84% of clients were unsatisfied and said they would renew. A happy reader said, “It’s the best I have ever used, and is an excellent price for what I need. Another feedback was: “reasonable premium. And “professional” was

RSA Auto Insurance Survey
RSA Auto Insurance Survey

4.LV – 90.42%

LV strongly come back at the fourth position in the 2016 ranking that resulted in an overall 5 % improvement. Securing the fifth place for speed to order. For product knowledge and clarity of information placed at seventh rank, respectively.

LV Auto Insurance Survey
LV Auto Insurance Survey

An enormous 93.4% of clients said they would renew and 11% were satisfied. One user shared its experience “It was easy to set up, and staffs are quick to answer the phone.” You say staffs are friendly and knowledgeable, too.

 5. Lloyds – 90.19%

Since 2012, Lloyds has not performed very consistent, however, bouncing from lowest position in the table to the top list of at number five is a significant improvement for the company.

Lloyds Auto Insurance Survey
Lloyds Auto Insurance Survey

Securing the third place for product knowledge the client seemed to be quite satisfied. With the score of above 90 per cent, accomplished scoring between eight or above in every category. The majority of policyholder 80% of clients said they would renew with Lloyds. One of the enthused readers said, “They were very efficient and helpful, and the courtesy car arrangement was much better than I had previously experienced.”

6. Ageas – 89.82%

Ageas is different as compare to other insurers as it does not sell to the clients directly. The company sells through brokers.  An impressive rise with eighth-place climbed from 2015. Ageas made the top 10 list of the best insurance company.

Ageas Auto Insurance Companies Survey
Ageas Auto Insurance Companies Survey

The majority of the category scores in the list is consistent, yet the policymakers need to review for clarity of information comprised which is lowest in the survey, however, 83% of the customers would renew. One reader told us it “takes the strain painlessly”, while another summed up: “Competitive quote, clear documentation, and strong company reputation.”

7. Marks and Spencer – 89.05%

Marks and Spencer are ahead of Tesco and other shop brands, and it made the highest new entry among other 2016 survey.

Value for money, for keeping you informed, Speed to order and Friendliness and helpfulness are the categories comprised in the list of top 10, but the disappointment was for product knowledge scored 22nd.  Over 89% of the policyholder would renew. One of the customers explained, “My case was dealt with very quickly and professionally.

Marks and Spencer Auto Insurance Companies Survey
Marks and Spencer Auto Insurance Companies Survey

 8. Saga – 87.90%

Saga from the best driver power has dropped down this year, but still placed at a decent rank eighth position.  The insurer company serves its customer for over half-century. A good number of clients are still happy and made four categories in the top 10.

Saga Auto Insurance Companies Survey
Saga Auto Insurance Companies Survey

According to the survey, 79% of the customers would renew. The lowest at 14 ranks was value for money and clarity of information. One customer shared: “They’re an excellent service provider with friendly and accommodating staff.”

9. More Than – 87.09%

According to the feedbacks of clients in 2015 from last this year bouncing at the ninth position in the recent survey. A remarkable improvement has been measured this year and came strongly to form.

More Than Car Insurance Companies Survey
More Than Car Insurance Companies Survey

Some right steps have been taken by the insurer, as it keeps the customers informed ranked 2nd.  One customer said: “they received “good service.” Another said: “They’re very reasonably priced for me and could be worth getting a quote from.” Regardless 77% of customers stated that they would renew with the insurer.

10. Direct Line – 86.25%

A satisfying rank second-place was keeping customers informed. Direct Line has never actually performed too well in our Driver Power surveys, but this year it breaks the mould and secures a top 10 finish – ahead of big rival Aviva. However, the company needs more improvements in all other categories.

Direct Line survey - UK Car Insurance Companies
Direct Line survey – UK Car Insurance Companies

A massive percentage of customers of 87% said they would renew with Direct Line. A reader said: “It’s the biggest and best – excellent claims resolution and sensible options and discounts.”

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