How to Upgrade Laptop Hard Disk to SSD?

The solid state disk SSD is faster than the old standard HDD. Nowadays the SSDs are going to become cheaper in price. It is still expensive and will not suitable for everyone’s computer. So we need to know the steps to upgrade Laptop Hard Disk to SSD in case of replacing the old hard disk to a new one.

In this article we simply explain it in a step by step pictorial guide to upgrade laptop hard disk to SSD. You should consider the details of your laptop before purchasing a new Solid State Disk. Check out what model your laptop is? Dose it support SSD? Is it physically compatible to upgrade to a new SSD?

These are the questions you must answer before going to upgrade laptop hard disk to SSD. So let’s start the game.

Unscrew the Back Panel of Laptop

When you want to boost the speed of your laptop hard disk, you must consider good brand SSD. Try to search Amazon and compare a few according to prices, quality and other features subsets. Then buy it form Amazon or a local computer accessories store.

1. If you are ready then turn your laptop off and disconnect power cable and other connected cables then correctly unscrew the back panel to get access to laptop hard drive.

Unscrew the Back Panel

2. Now unscrew the back panel carefully and do not damage the back cover or front side of your laptop.

How do Correctly Unscrew Laptop Back Panel

3. Find out what is a correct way to unscrewing laptop’s back panel. To be sure that dose it open from back side or front side?

Upgrade Laptop Hard Disk to SSD

This is the correct and incorrect methods to unscrew the back panel of this HP laptop. No one is responsible for your sabotage or damaging your laptop. So do it carefully.

Remove the Back Panel of Laptop

4. The laptop should be unscrewed without any problem or damages. So the next step is removing the old HDD and replacing with new SSD.

Now Upgrade Laptop Hard Disk to SSD

Now the laptop is ready to upgrade it’s old hard disk to a new solid state disk. Find all screws that securing your drive to the laptop and unscrew those before you remove the laptop hard drive.

Unscrew Laptop Hard Disk

1. Try to unscrew all screws that securing the hard drive.

Unscrew Laptop Hard Drive

2. After unscrewing hard drive, disconnect the hard disk cable.

Disconnecting Hard Disk Cable

3. So good and easy. Now unscrew the old hard disk clamps from both sides of hard disk.

Unscrew Laptop Hard Drive Clamps

4. In this section screw the new SSD. I’m using a new Kingston 240 GB solid state disk for this HP laptop.

KingSton SSD for Laptop

5. Connect the SSD cable and fit it then screw clamps to secure the hard disk.

Fit the Laptop SSD – upgrade laptop hard disk to SSD

6. The final result of upgrading laptop hard disk to a new SSD drive. I had upgrade the RAM also.

The Final Result

7. Now try to carefully fasten the back cover and screw the panel of laptop to secure it. Do it like the same as unscrewing.

Fastening the Laptop

8. Turn on the laptop and install a Windows using a boot-able USB drive on your Laptop.

Installing Windows 10 using USB

I hope this step by step upgrading laptop hard disk with a new SSD has been informative and help you to simply upgrade your laptop hard disk to SSD.

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  • Mukhtar Jafari

    Excellent Sir
    It is very informative pictorial article.

    • Shais

      Good to see you here dear M Jafari, and thanks for appreciable comment.

  • Hujjjat

    It was great, but damaged my laptop a little 🙁

    • Shais

      Don’t worry, try it best next time!
      Sometime the lack of tools have cause the problem when you fasten covers and screwing back panel.

  • karar

    That’s perfect and appreciatable! Just love to read this with excellent captured photos, now it’s easy to change my hard disk to SSD or everyone’s laptop hard disk to SSD. Thanks for the article sir!

    • Shais

      So good that you decide to upgrade to SSD also.

  • Faiz Orz

    It’s a great article for those who want to upgrade their hard drive to SSD.

    • Shais

      Don’t you want to upgrade to SSD? It’s very fast for virtualization

  • Ahmad

    Great and Helpful article.

  • Nazi

    Very understanding and very clear to understand. Great job! 👏🏻

    • Shais

      Thanks for comment dear Nazi. Hope you find the article helpful.

  • Aman

    Thanks for outstanding articles.

    But ! why did you not show the changing of RAM? When we upgrade the HHD Hard Disk to SSD we have to increase the RAM of laptop also.

    • Shais

      Hi Aman,

      If have enough RAM on your Laptop, so don’t upgrade the RAM. If you have less than 8 GB, it must be upgrade to 12 or even 16 GB RAM.