Top 5 Photoshop Tips Every Designer Must Know

In this tutorial we are showing you the top 5 Photoshop tips to help you work faster and smoother, this top 5 Photoshop tips tutorial is for anyone, beginner and advanced persons, we will talk about clipping mask, Filters, Shapes Operations and keyboard shortcuts. After learning these Photoshop tips, you will be able to create the below photo or another design.

Top 5 Photoshop Tips – Technig

Top 5 Photoshop Tips Every Designer Must Know

Tip 1: In this tip I will show the trick to create fire in Photoshop, Open a new document (Ctrl+N) name it fire. and click OK, color of your document must be black.

New Document

now create long shape  horizontally name it fire set the color to white and  then go to Filter> Stylize> Wind, a small window will popup to confirm the filter to apply on vector layer, the reason of this popup window is this that our shape layer is vector not restor layer, filter con not apply directly on vector layers that’s why it ask you to restorize your layer, click OK. Apply the the following setting for the wind options.

Wind Dialog Box

press (Ctrl+F) to apply the filter two more times, your shape should look like image bellow.


Now rotate your layer 90o, go to Adjustment Panel and add Hue Saturation to your layer set the Hue 24, Saturation 100 % and use Colorize.

Hue Saturation

Tip 2: Clipping Mask is one of most wanted option for Photoshop lovers, it is the best option to clip or fit your photo to any shapes, so create a new document 1000 x 700. use gradient tool to fill the background, use the code for color (a7a7a7) (303030).

New Document

OK now use Ellipse  tool to create a shape and make two copy frome that shape  than align it, now place three photos in your document and re size and place each photo on top of each shapes, right click on it select clipping mask, it will clip your photo to the size of the shape layer remember that photo layer should be on top of shape layers.

Shape layers

Tip 3: Color Halftone do you now how easily you can create color halftone in Photoshop, if you don’t its for you, Open new document 1000 x 700 white color. and draw an Ellipse use gradient to fill the shape layer.

color halftone

Now go to Filter> Pixelate> Color halftone. set the value of color halftone window like image below.


Click OK your shape will look like below.


Tip 4: Shortcut while you are using brush tool it is a little difficult to re size brush tool, or make the brush hard of soft here I will show the best shortcut for re-sizing and softness or hardness of brush tool. To large or small your brush press (Alt+Ctrl+holding down right mouse button) move your mouse right or left to re-size brush and up and down to soft or hard.

What about color changing? if you want to change the color very easy press and hold down (Shift+Alt+Right mouse button) it will show box of color and Hue, remember that this tool does not work with some of the tools.

Tip 5: Magic Shapes in this tip I will show you a great tricks to create awesome shape.

Open new document 1000 x 700 white color. Now pick the Custom shape tool and use the arrow shape from the list on options bar  draw it at the middle of your document as below.

Top 5 Photoshop Tips

now make a copy of that shape by pressing (Ctrl+j) and (Ctrl+T) to transform and set the following setting for the layer. click OK to accept it.

Transform Option Bar – technig

Press(Ctrl+J) to copy and (Shift+Ctrl+T) to repeat the privies action, basically it rotate your layer 10o . Do the same process till your shape rotated 3600 .

Top 5 Photoshop Tips

Now select all of the layers and go to Layer> Combine Shapes> Subtract Shapes at Overlap. your shape shout look like below. you can use any shapes to apply this effects on it.

Magic shape – Technig

Congratulation! we have passed the top 5 best Photoshop tips if you have any questions please leave comment below I will reply you as soon as possible.

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