How to Create Presentation Folder Template in Photoshop?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a presentation folder template in photoshop? This tutorial will help you to create your own business folder template for your clients or online marketplaces for sale. I will explain all the essential details on what size the folder should be, how to set guides properly and create different color samples.

Create Presentation Folder Template in Photoshop

So let’s see what we are going to create in this tutorial. This document folder is a standard size and it is simple, but if you want to create professional one you should use Illustrator.

How to Create Presentation Folder Template in Photoshop

1. Open a new document (24.8×17.3) inches, 300 ppi and CMYK color mode, there are some other different sizes as well, you can search on google.

Set Up the Document Size – Technig

2. When you create the document, unlock the Background layer and use the Ruler to bring some guidelines to your document. Enable the Transform Control from Options bar while your Move Tool (V)is selected.

Set Up Guides – Technig

3. After setting up the guidelines, go to Image > Canvas size (Alt+Ctrl+C) to add the Bleeds area. Add 6 mm for Width and Height,  your final size of the document should be 25.05×17.55 inches.

Presentation Final Size – Technig

4. Now use the Rectangle Tool to draw a shape (4000×1500 px) then add 750 px Radius for each corner, when you added the radius try to align it as the image below.

How to Create Presentation Folder Template in Photoshop – Technig

Clipping Mask The Photo

5. Now subtract the left area which goes to the center guide. When you subtract it place your image and clip it on the shape (Alt+Ctrl+G) remember your image must be on top of your shape.

Clipping Image in Photoshop – Technig

6. Add several other rounded shapes on top and bottom part of the main shape with different color, Blue (#16b4e2) and  Light Gray(#dadada) these are the Hex code that I used.

Add Elements to the Document – Technig

7. So now duplicate and flip the rectangle layer that you clip the image, then move it to the left side, use the Fill to None and add 23 pt Stroke. Make a copy of that shape again and scale it down add Fill color instead of the stroke.

Create Document Folder in Photoshop – Technig

8. Finally, add some text details, you can add contacts info, Brand Identity, About us and some Tile placeholders. When your design final you can make different colors, and organized and grouped the layers.

Final Presentation Folder Design- Technig

That’s all hope you enjoy and learn something from this tutorial if you have any questions related to this tutorial feel free to comment below. So don’t forget to share it with your friends.

Download this Template

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