Top 25 Essential iPhone Apps You Need to Have

Finding a good App for your iPhone has been always confusing especially for a new iPhone users, who switched from Android to iPhone. There are also some Apps that are Essential for users to have. We’re highlighting the Top 25 Essential iPhone Apps that you need to have on you iPhone and that can help you stay productive, connected, informed, and entertained.

Essential iPhone Apps: Social Networks Apps 

1. Tweetbot

Tweetbot – Essential iPhone Apps

Tweetbot is our favorite Twitter client on the iPhone because it manages to provide you with a ton of options without being overwhelming. Tweetbot also has its own set of options for navigation, a powerful interface that allows you to control your Twitter experience, and a ton of options. Tweetbot is fully-featured, looks great on iPhones and brings a level of power and finesse to Twitter that other clients can’t match.

2. Facebook

Facebook iPhone App

The social network of record has come out with quite a few apps, but Facebook remains the most essential. No other communication app offers the richness of interaction possibilities, the Facebook app is especially handy when you can double check events location, get your friends number, also upload photos, and even broadcast live video.

3. Skype

Skype Business Communication App for iPhone

When it comes to video calling Skype has long been the king of video calling and with its new feature Skype Translator, one can easily communicate with people from different languages. Surely it’s an Essential App to have on iPhone.

4. WhatsApp

Whatsapp Communication App

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps that supports text, audio and video texting between mobile platforms. In addition to the easy use interface, this app packed with nice features for mobile users like message delivery status information, writing in Bold, Italic, Underline and option to control data usage for the mobile phone etc.

5. Instagram

Instagram Business Photography Apps

Instagram has gone on to surpass Flickr as the number-one photo sharing service on the Internet. Its social discovery aspects are addictive, it offers excellent image-manipulation tools, and it now supports video, as well as still photos.  The app now supports Handoff to switch between your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Productivity Apps for iPhone 

6. Spark 

Instagram Business Photography Apps

Spark a fantastic email app in its own right. Everything you need in an email client, including a unified inbox, customizable swipe options, powerful search, and a solid filtering system. You can add all your emails in Spark and a ton of customization options to make the app your own. It blows Apple’s default Mail app out of the water, so if you’re looking for something with more power, we suggest Spark.

7. DropBox

DropBox Business Cloud Backup Solutions

These days, there are a lot of cloud services to pick from, but Dropbox still ranks among one of the best, if only because it works so well on every platform. Dropbox allows you to save and view your files across multiple devices, including your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet, as long as you have the internet to access them.

8. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

You have tons of options for calendar apps on the iPhone, but our favorite is Fantastical 2 because it’s a perfect mesh of features and usability. Fantastical 2 allows for natural language input, so you can type out “lunch tomorrow with Shais” and Fantastical will automatically create the event. Beyond that, the app features a variety of view modes, a light and dark theme, Reminders integration, and a map view to get a visual look of your day. Fantastical 2 is the award-winning calendar app.

Utility Apps for iPhone

9. Chrome 

Google Chrome Browser

If you’re a Chrome user on your desktop computer, Chrome’s syncing features alone make it a stellar replacement for Safari. Chrome’s packed with some great stuff, including a desktop view, a solid incognito mode, and the speed dial to quickly access your favorite sites.

10. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor – iPhone Optimizer Tools

If you’re iPhone is using lots of storage by Junk files and you also want to extend your phone’s Battery Life then you definitely need to have Battery Doctor. An essential app that helps you to clear your phone Cache or Junk files, Boost’s Memory also helps you to extend Battery Life and much more.

11. iScanner

iScanner for iPhone

iScanner will turn your iPhone into full-featured powerful and fast document, you can scan books, any kind of documents, paper notes, anything you might need in your day to day life.

12. Betternet

Betternet VPN for iPhone

Betternet provides you with a one-click “Connect” button. It secures your connection and gives you access to all blocked websites on your iPhone. It is fast to connect and keeps your internet speed high.

13.  Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

SleepCycle Alarm

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is an intelligent alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you in the lightest sleep phase – the natural way to wake up feeling rested and relaxed. It analyses you while you sleep, using sound or motion, and provides detailed statistics when you wake. Additionally, it’ll constantly figure out what phase of sleep you’re in, attempting to wake you at the best possible time, in a gentle, pleasing manner.  This app actually works, from the graphing bits through to helping you feel refreshed and relaxed on waking up.

Music & Videos Apps

14. Spotify 

Spotify Music App

Spotify is a great app that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide you a stream of music that you don’t need to think that much about. Even if you’re not a paid subscriber to Spotify, you can still stream artist radio stations. Plus, you can do all sorts of cool things with it that you might not realize.

15. SoundCloud

SoundCloud Music App

SoundCloud is a great app that allows you to stream music, a podcast of famous artists and Channels. Unlike Spotify, you can stream free music of famous artists, also favorite and repost what you stream to your followers.

16. Netflix

NetFlix – Movie Streaming App

NetFlix is also on our Essential iPhone Apps. If you want to watch TV shows and movies on your iPhone. Then Netflix is the best app for watching TV shows and movies. And of course, Netflix has Premium Services.

Navigation Apps

17. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is the best turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone. It’s free, has a fantastic location search, and offers a wide variety of routing options. It even includes public transit and walking directions right in the app so you don’t have to worry about flipping between apps.

18. Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone has been a staple of iOS for a long time, but that doesn’t make it any less worthwhile. With it, you can track down your iPhone if it’s stolen, or if you’ve simply misplaced your phone. If you’re the type to leave your phone sitting around, Find My iPhone is a must have.

Photo Editing Apps

19. Prisma – Essential iPhone Apps 

Prisma Art Photo Editor Apps

We’ve seen quite a few apps that try to turn your photos into art, but none manage it with quite the same raw ability as Prisma. The app is almost simple to use: shoot or select a photo, crop your image, and choose an art style. You can select from classic paintings through to comic book doodling.

20. Camera+

Camera+ Photo Editor Apps

Camera+ turns your boring old iPhone camera into a feature-rich point-and-shoot camera. It’s fast and it takes great photos. On top of that, you can also enhance pictures, get rid of red-eye, add special effects, and tons more. It’s well worth the $2.99 if you take a lot of pictures on your phone.

21. VSCO

VSCO Photo Editing Tools

VSCO is best known for its incredible range of preset filters that allows you to quickly change the look and feel of your photos. VSCO is a stylish editing app with built-in camera and photo sharing community. The VSCO app is free to download and includes a sampler pack of presets. Much more presets are available for purchase within the app.

Sports & Fitness iPhone Apps

22. Forza

Forza Football Analytics

Forza Football is one of the most comprehensive live score apps available on the App Store. It covers over 300 leagues across the globe including international cup competitions. The push notification service can be set up for as many teams as you like. The app also alerts you to kick-off times and key match incidents. Video highlights during and after the game. There are many more options you can use.

23. Quick Fit

Quick Fit – Fitness Training App

The Quick Fit – seven-minute workout is a great way to get some activity. QuickFit is a new app that guides you with HD videos, audio prompts, and tips from professional trainers so you can stay healthy and fit. Best of all, all of the exercises work with your body—no expensive equipment required.

24. Nike + Running Club

Nike+ Running Club Fitness App

If you’re concerned about your health and fitness then you must have Nike + Running Club. This is a great app for serious runners who are looking to improve but need a little extra motivation. Along with tracking the basics like distance, routes, and pace, there’s training programs, the ability to share runs, set up Nike+ Challenges against friends and add photos during your most scenic routes.

25. ESPN Sports

ESPN Sports iPhone App

ESPN has rolled out a completely redesigned app for iPhone that features beautifully simplistic user-friendly style and allows you to easily stay informed about the latest news around your favorite sports team. Not just that, you get by-the-minute live score updates on games, as well as a news section that comes with plenty of videos. The focus of the new ESPN app are the following leagues: MLB, NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, MLS, Cricket and more.

That’s all the essential iPhone Apps we recommend you to have them on your iPhone devices as essential iPhone Apps.

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