Best Small Business Phone Service Providers in 2018

Here are a lot of varieties in businesses and their nature of operations due to which the need for having small business phone service might vary. Thus, looking at these requirements, choosing the best, and the most suited can be quite much of an important decision to take. Some people are even not sure until the end. Hence, for all those individuals who are a little confused or want to know the top best small business phone service providers in 2018, they are at the right place, to make a great decision for their supports business.

Best Small Business Phone Service Providers

All of the identified picks are known after a thoroughly detailed search, and they are specified along with the feature on they offer so that it is clearly easier for you to pick from them. These are:

Cisco Business Phone Systems

Best Small Business Phone Service Providers in 2018 – Technig

There is no need to specify anything about CISCO as it is truly the best business phone systems provider since many years till date. Almost everyone knows about it, and there is no question in it too. It has also gotten the Gold Award to signify of its services and performances as well. Cisco has an overall rating of 10/10 by many customers who have used it. It even has a ten to ten facilitation experience when it comes to perfect collaboration among the employees and the system.  This is because the collaboration features include conference calls, mobile capabilities, unified messaging features, and even instant messaging as well.  In this way, working closely and communicating easily is also available in the best possible way.

It supports up to 1000 number of users, while it also has automatic call transfer, customizable hold music, hold messages, mailbox recordings facilities as well. Besides this, automated attendant and computer telephone integration options are also available through CISCO. When it comes to IP phone, softphone, and DECT provision through different products, it is also all available while it also has 100% help and support provided by 1-year hardware warranty too. CISCO also provides Email, telephone, company blog, videos, 24-hour support, and live chat.

ESI Business Phone Service

The ESI is also on the list of top best small business phone service providers. ESI holds 9.85 out of 10 stars overall rating as it has great collaboration offered through conference calls, mobile capabilities, unified messaging, and instant messaging. ESI offers all the same features that are provided by CISCO whether it is computer-telephone integration or automatic call transfer. Even the products offered by ESI (softphone, DECT, and IP phone) are also the same while some people also call it even better than CISCO because not only does it have 100% but it provides five years warranty which is more than 1-year warranty of CISCO. However, the only thing that it doesn’t provide is the live chat option, while the 24/7 representatives support system varies for provision.


It has 9.63 stars out of 10-star rating overall while it provides all collaboration options through conference calls, mobile capabilities, unified messaging and instant messaging. It also provides all features right from customizable hold music and mailbox recordings to computer telephone integration, but it can support users less than 1000 (100+). Nextive provides 95% help and supports while it has a 1-year warranty and all other options offered by all companies available.

Toshiba Small Business Phone Systems 

Toshiba has a large name and overall rating of 9.53 stars. It also has robust collaboration features while it has 1000 users support and all needed features too. It even has the same products offered, but it has lesser rating only because it has 95% help and support features even though it has a 2-year hardware warranty and all other supportive features like the company blog, emails, etc. but there is no live chat support as 24/7 presence also varies.


There are all types of options available for ShoreTel as it supports up to 1000 users besides all the collaboration features that are offered to have an overall 9.32 rating. ShoreTelSky is the best choice if you want to have 100% support and all other options excluding live chat and 24/7 support. It even has a one-year warranty. The rating is less only because it offers products such as IP phone and softphone while DECT is not available.

8×8 Phone Service Provider

8×8 is also on the list of top best business phone systems for small business. Talking about 8×8, it has 9.20 rating out of 10 while all collaboration options are available. It also has maximum 1000 users support with all of the features like automated attendants, automatic call transfer, etc. provided. With IP phone, softphone, and DECT all available it is hard to know the reason behind the rating. Maybe it is because of 75% help-and-support score as it does not have 24/7 presence even though it has all other features including live chat too. It also has 1-year hardware warranty


Avaya is surely one of the very best as it supports up to 2000 maximum users with all available features. With 65% help and support score and one-year hardware warranty, it has all support features except variable 24/7 presence, but no videos support. All three products (IP Phone, DECT, and Softphone) are available. It has an increasing 9.15/10 rating.


With an overall 8.28 /10 score, Forti can provide all collaboration options while instant messaging requires additional costs. Since it provides complete needed features, the only reason for its rating is that it can only support up to 400 users. Moreover, it also does not have softphone option available even though it has 80% support and 1-year warranty besides unavailability of the company blog.

AT&T  for Small Business

100% support, 2-year warranty, all products and supports (except 24/7 presence, Softphone, and company blog) are the traits for the 100 maximum-user support while computer telephone integration is not available.

Vonage Business Phone System Solutions

Yes, you find the Wogage on the top best small business phone service providers as well. 100+ users with all features, all collaboration helps (except instant messaging), all products (except DECT) it is quite good though it lacks in help and support area (60% score). It does not have any hardware warranty and no presence or live chat options.

Thus, the above-specified names are some of the best small business phone service providers in 2018 to picks for small businesses, so make sure you choose the one that suits you, your needs, as well as your budget, the most

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