How to Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make photo collage using Photoshop? I use some polygon shapes and align them together applying some text effect to achieve the final result that I call it polygon photo collage you can purchase the complete templates here Download Now.

How to Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop?

Let’s see what we will be going to make in this Photoshop tutorial.

Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop – Technig

1.  Open a new document 1500×1200 pixels size, 300 ppi resolution, RBG color mode name your document (Photo Collage) set the Background color white.

New Document Dialog Box – Technig

2. Now pick the Gradient Tool (G) set the Gradient Style to Radial mode then click on the Gradient box it will open the gradient editor dabble click on Color Stop slider to open the color picker and use this color code (bcbcbb) for the left Slider and this color (878787) for the right Slider.

Gradient Editor – Technig

3. With your Gradient Tool (G) selected start dragging from the center point of the document to right of left to make a kind of vignette look to the background of the photo collage, you can use any other color for the background as you like.

Gradient Tool – Technig

4. Use the Polygon Shape Tool (U) to start drawing the main frames of the photo collage, don’t forget to set the sides of the Polygon to (6) use any color for the Fill of shape and use White color for the Stroke of the Polygon with (7 pt) size.

Polygon Shape Tool – Technig

How to Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop?

5. Now apply the Inner Shadow Layer Style effect to the Polygon shape layer to do so select the polygon shape layer and click on the small icon (fx) a list will pop up use hit on Inner Shadow option to set up the setting.

Inner Shadow Effect – Technig

6. Press (Ctrl+J) to make seven copies of the polygon layer then use the Move Tool (V) to move the polygons and align them with gabs as you see in the image bellow.

Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop – Technig

7. Now do the same process press (Ctrl+J) to make a copy for each polygon then Right Click on each copy of the polygon layers a large menu will pop upconvert all the copy of the polygons to Smart Object layer as bellow.

Smart Object Layer – Technig

8. Now Right Click on each smart object layers and use Clipping Mask Option to clip all the Smart Object layers to the shape bellow you can hold down the Alt key and place your mouse pointer between the Smart Object layer the shape bellow and hit click it will Clip it too.

Clipping Mask Option – Technig

9. Now simply dabble click on each Smart Object layers it will open new document then go to File>Place Embedded or Place in an older version of Photoshop to place the photos and press (Ctrl+S) to save the photo to the main document.

Make Photo Collage Using Photoshop – Technig

Finally, I add a photo to the background and bring down the Opacity to 10%. Now if you have any question regarded to this tutorial fill free to ask, thank you.

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