How to Design Professional and Modern Certificate Using Photoshop?

In this tutorial I am showing you how to design professional and modern certificate using Photoshop? This tutorial is for any basic and advanced Photoshop users, I will share significant and important information about designing certificate using Photoshop.

Fonts Used:

Great Vibes


Main Files

How to Design Professional and Modern Certificate Using  Photoshop?

This is the design that we are going to design; you can also get the ideas from others design from Google once you know the basic rules to Design Professional and Modern Certificate Using  Photoshop.

Design Professional and Modern Certificate Using Photoshop – Technig

1. Open a new document (Ctrl+N) A4 size (297×210 mm) or (11.693×8.268 in),  300 dpi resolutions, CMYK color mode with white color background. Remember I am using Photoshop CC 2017.

New Document Dialog Box – Techning

2. Now bring four guide lines with your rulers for each side of your document as I did in image bellow if you can not see the ruler press (Ctrl+R) it adds to your Photoshop work space.

Photoshop Guide Lines – Technig

3. Now go to Image>Canvas Size (Alt+Ctrl+C) to some extra area as bleeds of the document this flows or additional area is called bleeds, check the Relative box and add 5 mm bleeds.

Canvas Size Dialog Box – Technig

Adding Elements

4. Pick the Rectangle Tool and draw a shape as big as your document size as a frame  with no Fill Color and Stroke of 80 pt size with this color code (a2a2a3) name it Frames and locked it.

Photoshop Shape Tool – Technig

5. Now draw a triangle  shape at left top side of your document with Pent Tool use this color code for fill color (1a1a1a) as I did in image bellow then make a copy of that shape bring down the opacity to 60% an put it under the main triangle and select the bottom Anchor Point of this shape and move it down till you get the bottom result.

Photoshop Pen Tool – Technig

6. Select this two rectangles layers and press Ctrl+J to make copy of the layers and with the copy of these two layers selected press Ctrl+T then Right Click and use

Photoshop Transform Options – Technig

7. Draw a small triangle with Pen Tool and place it at the top center point of the document then make a copy (Ctrl+J) drag it bellow the main triangle bring down the Opacity 60% and use the Direct Selection Tool to move the top right and left anchor point to left and right as bellow.

Design Professional and Modern Certificate Using Photoshop – Technig

8. Now add the text details the other stuff like pattern and badge from the folder you downloaded.

Final Design Certificate Design – Technig
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