How to Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create promotional photography flyer using Photoshop? The tools and techniques that I use in this tutorial are for any basic and advanced Photoshop user, creating flyer is a simple task, but there are some challenges and rules you must know before creating a brochure. By the end of this tutorial, you will get familiar with all tips and techniques to design and create your flyer.

Files Used in This Tutorial.

Font: Champagne-limousines

Models: Model Photo

Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop

And this is what I will design, Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop.

Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop – Technig

Setup The Document

  1. Let’s start by opening a new document, the size of this flyer is A4, but you are free you can use any other sizes as your need. Press Ctrl+N to open a new document and select A4 size from Print Profile, set the resolution 300 PPI and Color to CMYK. File the document with this color code (e8e3e0)
    New Document Size – Technig


  2.  Add some guides, and this guide represents the crop mark of your document while printing. You can only insert the guides with Rulers of your document, press Ctrl+R to bring the rulers then place your mouse pointer on the Ruler and hold down the left mouse key then move down or left to add the guide.
    Guide Lines – Technig


  3. Now add 3 mm bleeds to your document by going to the Image>Canvas size change the unit to Millimeter don’t forget to check the tick mark of the Relative option as bellow.
    Canvas Size dialog Box-Technig

    Drawing The Shape Elements

    1. Right! Now lock the guide to do not disturb you while scaling or selecting any objects to do so go to View> Lock Guides (Alt+Ctrl+;) then pick the Rectangle (U) tool and draw a large shape name it (Photo clip) as bellow.
      Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop – Technig


    2. In this step, I show you how to use the Pen and Direct Selection tool to customize a shape layer as your need to give a promotional look to your design. Pick the Pen (P) tool and delete the right bottom anchor point of the Photo clip layer, remember that your Photo clip layer must be selected.
      Pen Tool – Technig


    3. Now select the Convert Point Tool, and this tool allows you to add handles to the corner anchor points to convert them from corner to smooth anchor point. To add the handle to any anchor points place you tool to the top right anchor point of the Photo Clip shape and hold down your main mouse button drag to the bottom of the document, hold down the Shift Key while dragging down it move the handle straightly.
      Convert Point Tool – Technig


    4. Convert the bottom left anchor point of the Photo clip shape to make it smoother and adjust it with the Direct Selection Tool, and you can also control one handle of the anchor points by holding down the Alt Key while moving any handles of the anchor points.
      Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop – Technig


    5. Now duplicate the Photo Clip shape and name it white frame then change the color of the shape to white. Move it to the bottom of the Photo Clip as, and select the bottom left anchor point white Direct Selection tool then move the right handle to the right side a little bit to make a kind of beautiful frame as bellow.
      Anchor Point Handles – Technig


    6. Duplicate one copy from White Frame and drag it bellow to the White Frame shape name it Frames one use this color code for fill of the Frame 1 (5b4b42), then press Crtl+T to transform the layer and then scale it from the right side as you see bellow.
      Transform – Technig


    7. Make one more copy of the Frame 1 and scale it to, then change it’s color to white name it Frames two your design should look like bellow.
      Transform – Technig

      Adding Photos, Texts, and Other Elements

      Now place a photo on top of the Photo Clip shape and fit it with the size of the bellow shape and  right click on photo thumbnail that you placed and use Clipping Mask to clip your photo to the Photo Clip shape.

      Clipping Mask – Technig

  1.   So now pick the Ellipse Tool and draw a small and perfect circle and apply the following layer style to give a frame to your shape these shapes are used for some sample of photographs. Make four copy of that shape and align them correctly.

    Drop Shadow – Technig

  2. After applying and duplication of the layer, your design must look like our design.

    Photo Clips shapes – Technig

  3. Now place some photos and use Clipping Mask option clip them to each shape make sure your photo should be correctly placed on the shape as you clip.

    Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop – Technig

  4. We are almost done time to add some Drop Shadow to some of the layers, so apply the following Layer Style to Frame 1 and White Frame, it gives a little bit distance between the layers.
    Drop Shadow – Technig


  5. Finally, add the text detail as I did in image bellow, and add all the other elements like footer shape the shapes which are drawn on the top left side of the flyer.
    Create Promotional Photography Flyer Using Photoshop – Technig

    Thanks a lot for following this tutorial hope you enjoy it. If you face any question leave a comment I will answer you as soon as possible.

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