How to Create Database Inside phpMyAdmin?

Working with database in MySQL server trough phpMyAdmin is the graphical way and easier than command line interface for beginners. To create database inside phpMyAdmin just simply follow this step by step MySQL guide.

The phpMyAdmin is a free open source web software intended to manage and administrate MySQL Server. You can do all needed task such as create, delete, or modifying the existing database with a simple graphical interface. The other functions are working with tables, fields, rows and executing all SQL standard queries which can perform by command line.

Here we try to show you, How to create, delete or modify MySQL database with phpMyAdmin trough interface of a web browser. To perform the task you need to run the web server on local web server. For online website try to create database inside phpMyAdmin through website Cpanel.

How to Create Database Inside phpMyAdmin?

First open phpMyAdmin with your internet web browser by typing localhost/phpmyadmin in address bar. I have installed on my local computer with WAMP Server and maybe your case would be an online website. For online website try to create database inside phpMyAdmin through website Cpanel.

phpMyAdmin on Localhost – Create Database Inside phpMyAdmin

2. Enter as root user, type root in Username and let the Password empty. In online you must enter the root password.

phpMyAdmin interface

3. So you can see phpMyadmin page with all needed information about web server, database server and phpMyAdmin. To create a new database click Database tab on the main page.

Create MySQL Database

4. In this page simply type the name of your new database and click Create button in order to create a new database.

New Database

The new database has been created successfully. The database need a user to manage and  manipulate it. By default the root user has the full privilege for all database.

You can add a new user to database and assign the appropriate privilege for administration. To create new user go to the User tab and click Add User.  Fill the required information and permission for new user. 

Create user for database

Click the go button to create the new user. Now you can use the database and user for your website.

To delete a database with all tables, select the database you want to delete and click Drop button.

Delete database

This will perform the complete deletion of a database, and be careful do not delete your real website database.

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