How to Create Business Bi-Fold Brochure in Photoshop?

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a Business Bi-Fold brochure in photoshop? We will start off by creating the document, setting up the guides. What will you learn? You will learn the standard size of the brochure, setting up guides correctly and use some other great tips.

Business Bi-fold Brochure Design

We will be going to design the following design brochure as you see in the image below. When you create and organise the file, then you can change the colours as you need.

A business bi-fold brochure outside design – Technig

1. Open a new document. You can open an A4, Letter, or A5 sizes. I use A4 to create this bifold brochure template. Set the orientation to landscape, Resolution 300 PPI and CMYK colour mode.

A4 Brochure Size for bi-fold business brochure design – Technig

2. Now click on the lock icon on Background to convert it to layer. Go to View menu click on New Guides From Shape to add four guides to the four sides of the document. Remember your layer should be enabled. Otherwise, this feature may not work.

Photoshop Guidelines for designing a business bi-fold brochure template – Technig

3. Add bleeds to your brochure layout, go to Image> Canvas size and add mm for both width and height check the Relative options to canvas it correctly. You can use any colour for the 6 mm.

Photoshop Canvas Size for business bi-fold brochure template – Technig

4. Your final document size should be 303×216 mm after canvas sizing. Use the Ruler to add some extra guidelines in order to divide the layer into four parts. You can use shape to divide the document into four equal sizes.

Bifold Brochure Guidelines – Technig

5. Pick the Shape tool and draw a rectangle 35×35 pixels, use this 35×35 shape to add margin guides. Place this shape on each side of the guidelines and add other guides.

Bifold Brochure Guidelines – Technig

Design Business Bi-fold Brochure Template

6.  Delete all extra layers, and save your document name it Outside. Use the Save As and save it again only change the name to Inside. Open the Outside document to start the design. Pick the Rectangle tool and draw a shape at the half right side of the document.

Photoshop Tutorial – Technig

7. Select the Add Anchor Point tool and add an anchor point at the bottom centre part of the rectangle as you drew. With the Direct selection tool select the anchor point you added and move it down. Remember when you add anchor point it gives handles, convert it to a corner point with Convert Point tool.

Photoshop Print Desing Tutorial – Technig

8. Duplicate (Ctrl+J) the rectangle, change the colour and move it to bottom of the main rectangle layer. Select the two bottom anchor points of the rectangle (Left and Right) and move it down. Use the Shift+Down Arrow keys.

Photoshop Print Desing Tutorial – Technig

9. Repeat the step 8 and duplicate rectangle to the orange one in my design. Select both left and right bottom anchor point and move it down. Change the colour. Use this color code (#515e71).

Photoshop Brochure Desing Tutorial – Technig

10. Make a copy of the last rectangle, press Crtl+T, right click on and Flip it vertically. Move the rectangle to the bottom part of the page.

Photoshop Brochure Desing Tutorial – Technig

Bi-fold Brochure Design Outside

11. Bring an image and place it on top of the first rectangle as you drew, and use Clipping mask option to clip it to the top shape layer (Rectangle 1).

Photoshop Brochure Desing Tutorial – Technig

12. Add a simple logo and other text info to the left and right side of the page. Duplicate the bottom right rectangle and move it to the side too, it gives a better look.

Bifold Brochure Desing Outside – Technig

Bi-fold Brochure Design Inside

13. Save the  Inside and open Inside Photoshop document you saved. For the inside just duplicate the main design from outside document. With little changes, move the duplicated shape a little up.

A4 Bifold Brochure Inside – Technig

14. Place an image and use Clipping Mask to clip it on the top shape, like step 11. Pick the Rectangle tool and draw a rectangle to the half right side of this document.

Photoshop Print Desing Tutorial – Technig

15. Now do the same process for the left side, but the design should be at the left corner side of the page. You can use the duplicate of the right page shapes and Flip it vertically and horizontally to fit it on the left page. Place a photo and clip it.

Photoshop Print Desing Tutorial – Technig

16. Now add the text information on each part that is divided with guidelines. Your text details should not be outside of the safety guide; it means each text should have enough margin.

A4 Bifold Brochure Inside Final – Technig


You can use the following tips for any of your designs, two-page designs or more than two pages. Divide the document with the guidelines to align every object correctly. Try to Google search and find some other designs to get ideas. Thanks for following this tutorial if you face to any question related to this tutorial feel free to comment. Download this Brochure

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